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30 Amazing Interior Design Companies in Ontario

by Point2 Editorial Staff
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Interior design is more than some finishing touches on a building – it’s what turns a house into a home. A good team of interior designers can not only help suit your home to your style – they can help you actually discover your style in the first place! These thirty interior design firms from Ontario are some of the best out there. They can certainly help you build an inspired nest for your family.

Creating Contrast Designs

Claire Jefford is the creative mind behind this long-standing firm, with a great reputation in the local community and on Houzz. Creating Contrast Designs has a beautiful portfolio, showcasing their ability to create enticing neutral spaces while… creating contrast. Subtle colors and statement pieces make their appearance throughout their projects, making this firm a very good option for people looking to breathe new life in their homes.


Gabriele Pizzale Design Inc.

With over twenty years of experience, Gabriele Pizzale’s interior design firm tackles both residential and commercial projects in Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville. Gabrielle Pizzale Design Inc. handles renovations as well as “from scratch” projects, with an emphasis on defining their clients’ style in the best possible way.

Photo by Jason Hartog

Photo by Jason Hartog

Catherine Alison Interiors

Based in Oakville, Catherine Alison Interiors is run by Alison Hodd and has a very practical approach to design. The first step is acknowledging that most people are put off by the overwhelming number of decisions an interior design project requires. The second step is walking clients through this process, providing support and insight. The results are spaces which breathe the client’s individual style, built on solid principles which stand the test of time.


Katherine Joy Interiors

Katherine Joy started her business in 1995. In the two decades since, Katherine Joy Interiors has worked all over Canada, and has used this great mobility to good effect. In fact, one of their best assets is their E-Design platform. They create 3D models of the target space and make an immersive, computer generated design mock-up for clients to browse, regardless of distance. This, and their great skill in interior design, has earned the firm numerous awards throughout the years.


Parkyn Design

It is the philosophy of Parkyn Design that good design transcends any style. Specializing on creating multi-functional spaces that look great while fulfilling their primary function, this firm is based in Oakland and offers services in English, French, Italian, Mandarin and Korean.


Chic Decor

Margarida Oliveira brings a European air to the interior design projects undertaken by Chic Decor. This approach is very well received by clients and professionals alike. This firm has received six Houzz awards since 2013 alone, and works in Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and Milton.

photography services Oakville; interior design photography

photography services Oakville; interior design photography

Montdor Interiors

The head designer of Montdor Interiors has over 38 years of experience in the business. While enhancing the clients’ style is an absolute necessity in interior design, this firm brings a distinctive touch through their use of Asian motifs and imagery in their projects. They are well known for organizing stagings for agents selling Toronto real estate.


Martin Designs

With experts coming from a wide range of professional backgrounds, Martin Designs specializes in helping agents stage properties. Working all around the York region, this firm brings to bear know-how from multiple fields, from urban design to photography. Creative lead Susan Crema-Martin builds on 50 years of family experience, and her own extensive travels.


Madison Taylor Design

With a drive to provide cutting edge, high end interior design, Madison Taylor Design was established in 2010 and quickly became a standard of excellence in the Toronto area. On the one hand, they offer the personalized service that clients of top interior design firms expect. On the other hand, their aim is to always find an angle with which to surprise and to wow. Their projects span from hospitality stagings to commercial space designs.


Nest Design Studio

Nest Design Studio approaches interior design from a collaborative perspective. They see their work as guides for the client, rather than experts imposing a vision. In the five years since applying this philosophy, they have made a splash in residential design with some impressive high-profile projects. Their work has been featured in publications like House&Home, The Everygirl and Urban Barn.


Meghan Carter Design

Meghan Carter Design is a Toronto firm through-and-through. The creative lead of the design studio completed the International Academy of Design in Toronto, and has steered her business towards projects focused on impacting Toronto real estate in a decidedly positive way. This stands true in the case of commercial properties and residential projects alike.


High Street Design

With a strong background in business administration and as a consultant, Sarah Broderick founded High Street Design as a passion project. In the years since, the studio has become a favorite in the Toronto area. Specializing in residential properties, their designs make great use of accents of color and modern textures.


Lumar Interiors

Lumar Interiors has been active in Richmond Hill, Aurora, King City and Thornhill for the last twenty years. Marisa Lupo and Luisa Maringola have built a reputation as facilitators and supporters for their clients’ ideas, and the results in their portfolio are impressive. They have made baroque accents, great attention to detail and a flair for the dramatic their hallmarks.


Joanne Jakab Interior Design

It is difficult and rare for an interior designer to apply residential design principles to commercial projects in an appealing way. Joanne Jakab Interior Design manages this feat to an extent which has garnered the studio international recognition. The award winning firm works throughout the GTA, with an emphasis on Burlington and Oakville.


Kendall & Co. Interior Design + Decor

Based in the heart of Toronto, Kendall & Co is a studio passionate about highlighting the beauty of Cabbagetown real estate. As half interior decorator studio, half retail store for home design items, Kendall & Co has a very cozy, no-nonsense aesthetic, and specializes in residential home improvement.


KMSalter Design

Krista Marie Salter runs this boutique firm with a firm grasp on the interior designer’s “Rule No. 1” – form follows function – but with a twist. Indeed, form may enhance function, and it is that unexpected benefit that defines this Hamilton-based studio. KMSalter Design has seven years of experience combining youthful energy and levelheadedness. The result is an award-winning cocktail.


Biondi Decor

Warm, helpful and enabling, Paula from Biondi Decor treats interior design like a truly collaborative experience. Specializing in residential projects, this studio seamlessly combines subtle and varied influences from all over the world. This gives their clients not only breathtaking rooms, but also a wealth of conversation pieces to surround themselves with.


Lionsgate Design

Tina Singh, winner of the Home Staging Industry Award Redesigner of the Year in 2016, is the creative force behind the Lionsgate Design team. Mississauga real estate is hot right now, and Lionsgate realizes that the property stager can truly influence the success and price of a sale. This responsibility is at the core of Lionsgate Design’s philosophy, and they’ve got the awards and credential to prove their success in spades.


7j Design

The bold designs developed by Ottawa-based 7j Design have been featured in prominent magazines such as OurHomes and Sophisticated Style. With Shiva Gupta at the helm, bringing her 25 years of artistic experience to bear, this studio covers both residential and commercial interior design projects with an effortless flair.


Koffeetree Art & Design

Lisa Kaffenbaum moved from Montreal to Toronto and started Koffeetree Art & Design in 2004. The studio’s work has been featured on television shows on the HGTV channel and on the W Network, and is now a staple of interior design for residential and corporate spaces alike.


Tobi Brockway Interiors

Founded ten years ago in Toronto, Toby Brockway Interiors has since moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake where it continues to uphold solid design principles. Founder Tobi Brockway was on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Decorators’ Association for four years. She combines her passion for interior design with extensive experience in marketing and advertising.


Nikka Design

Barbara Nyke, C.E.O. of Toronto-based Nikka Design, has been featured as an expert in interior design in Toronto Home magazine, The Zoomer TV show, The National Post, CBC Radio as well as many online websites. Her designs are modern, elegant and functional and her studio covers everything from space planning to window treatments and everything in between.


Judith Taylor Designs

Judith Taylor founded her namesake design studio after a lifetime of honing her artistic talents. She blends this refined eye for texture and colour with a solid understanding of the function-above-all-else principle. Judith Taylor Designs is based in Toronto and handles mainly residential projects, with exquisite taste and attention to detail.


Ariel Muller Designs Inc.

Based in Toronto, Ariel Muller Designs has built up over twenty years of experience and reputation, both locally and internationally. Their interior designs are distinctive, with a keen eye for craftsmanship and bold character. The studio’s work has been featured in Perspectives on Design, Toronto Home, Robb Report Magazine, Visions of Designs and Spectacular Homes.


LVZ Design

Lidia van Zyl has a grounded approach to design. On a strong bedrock of classical elements and a love for neutral tones, she grafts elegant accents while keeping things simple. LVZ Design has been featured in Style and Home magazine two years in a row, as well as in Our Homes magazine.


Cynthia Weber Design

Cynthia Weber Design is a studio based in a historic home from 1878, on the shores of Lake Huron. Their design style revolves around vintage items and antiques, sometimes perfectly placed in context, other times refurbished to fit the clients’ needs. Cynthia Weber’s distinctive touch can be seen in residential projects throughout the GTA, and on her constantly updated blog.


Tanya Collins Interior Design

Juxtaposition is the name of the game for Tanya Collins. Different furniture styles, intersecting lines of sight, multiple sources of light, all play important roles in her design vision. Based in Ottawa, Tanya Collins Interior Design Inc. has achieved high regard as a top trend-setting institution in the region.


Lisa Canning – Blueprints for a Beautiful Life

For Lisa Canning, interior design is about organizing life, not just space. She sees the house as a catalyst for a happy life, and design is meant to empower that effect. Budgeting, focusing on function and realizing clients’ visions in a collaborative way are her studio’s strongest suits. Half interior designer, half life-coach, Lisa Canning is a unique character in this industry.



Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook have been creative directors of II BY IV DESIGN since founding the studio, in 1990. They draw their inspiration from all areas of culture, and they travel the world in search of the new statement piece, the new element around which they can build a trend. Their vision is focused (and adored) in the fields of retail, hospitality, condominium, commercial and product design. They count Marriott, Lindt Chocolate, Hilton and many more top international brands among their clients.


Douglas Design Studio

This prestigious studio has been active since 1995. Jeffrey A. Douglas is the owner and founder, and has been the recipient of several Awards of Excellence from the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario throughout the years. Douglas Design Studio tackles both residential and commercial projects. Many of them have been featured in interior design magazines all over the world.


The Greater Toronto Area and Ontario as a whole are teeming with amazing interior design studios. Our list is in no way exhaustive, but it does cover plenty of territory and many different styles. Check out these articles for more design tips:
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