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The Advantages of Living in a Glass House

The Advantages of Living in a Glass House
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Glass has come a long way in the thousands of years since it was first discovered. From an obscure material with magical properties, to being used exclusively in the luxurious homes of the rich and famous, now it’s ubiquitous. In recent years however, glass is being used increasingly as a building material in its own right.

More and more buildings are being made almost entirely out of glass panes, and not just elaborate city skyscrapers. Now, even houses are being constructed partially, and sometimes even entirely out of glass. Many modernist architects and designers believe there are many benefits to living in a glass house, and they’re not alone. Let’s take a look.

An Eco-Friendly Material

Compared to other more common building materials, glass is more environmentally friendly to make and doesn’t give off toxic fumes during the production process. On top of that, it’s an extremely durable material that isn’t subject to the same corrosion threats as traditional building materials, meaning that it’ll last many years before it needs to be replaced.

As glass doesn’t conduct heat very well, it’s also extremely good at keeping heat inside your home, reducing heating bills and lowering energy consumption. Additionally, by allowing more natural light into your home throughout the day, there’s less need to use electric lighting. Required artificial illumination could be replaced by solar-powered lighting instead. This is great for the environment, but also for your wallet.

Glass is also fairly lightweight, reducing the energy taken to transport it, which also means it can be used safely on multiple levels without worrying about load-bearing limitations.

Attractive and Eye-Catching

Glass is also extremely aesthetically pleasing, especially when the surroundings are beautiful. Glass houses let in natural light throughout the day, making them warm and inviting places to be. From the outside, they look different from traditional housing and are often considered works of art. Looking from the inside outward, they also look fantastic, as the world around you replaces traditional paint or wallpaper. All you need to do is find the ideal window treatments!

Extremely Versatile

As a building material, glass comes in many forms, and can be manipulated to fulfill numerous tasks. It can be coloured to provide a beautiful looking home, tinted to provide privacy, and worked to any shape for something unique. Various treatments and technologies can be applied to ensure that your glass home can be anything from bulletproof, to self-cleaning, or shatterproof, and even self-regulating to light and heat.

Good for Your Health

A glass house can also be good for both your physical and mental well-being. By allowing the natural light in throughout the day, you can ward off seasonal depression. Also, seeing the outside world at any given point can help you to relax and escape the stresses of life.

As humans, we respond to light and our essential functions are more or less operated by a series of rhythms. These circadian rhythms, often referred to as our internal body clock, thrive on natural light, which gives signals for your body to synchronize with the world around it. They help us with waking up and falling asleep, and ensure our bodies operate at their best, generally improving mood and well-being. Just make sure to optimize your bedroom, so that on top of all the benefits you get from the natural light flooding your home during the day, you also get enough energy for the next day after a good night’s sleep.

Glass also provides excellent soundproofing, which can also help you get a good night’s sleep, free from the rumble of noise from outside.

Living in a glass house can be an extremely refreshing experience, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Make sure you know all the advantages and disadvantages of a glass house before buying or building one.

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