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Stylish Fall Color Combinations for Your Home

Stylish Fall Color Combinations for Your Home
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Do you love the change of seasons because it offers an opportunity to update your home decor? Are you looking for a change from the traditional red, orange and gold fall color palette provided by nature? If you’re longing for something a little fresh and different this year, we’ve got you covered.

For stylish fall decor, you can leave up all season long, forgo the Jack-o-lanterns and standard, black-and-orange color scheme. Instead, test out a creative, new color combo. Here are six non-traditional – but still beautiful – color palettes for your fall home furnishings.

1.      Max Out Your Metallics

Get a little glam with your fall decorating and incorporate your favorite metals. Gold, copper, brass and rose gold all work together to give your home a warm and welcoming glow. Mixing metals is hot right now, and seasonal decorations are no exception.

Start with your dining table and carry the tones throughout the rest of your decorating. Include pops of white or cream for contrast and place some clear glass for added sparkle. To really make this look work, be sure to balance out all of the smooth, shiny objects with lots of texture. Incorporate natural elements – like wicker, wheat stalks, and branches – to create a high-low effect.

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2.      Purple & Deep Pink

Brighten up your fall decor with a fresh take on the traditional auburn and red. Try a deep violet and dark pink match-up for a livelier combination. Put together, these rich hues make for a fall tablescape that’s sophisticated, yet fun.

These bold colors go well with whites, golds, and chalky blues and greens, so add a colorful centerpiece and some glam candlesticks to complete the look. Use purple favorites – such as pansies, ornamental kale, and cabbage – for a vibrant, all-natural centerpiece.

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3.      Burnt Orange & Cream

Black and orange can lose their charm after October 31. But, pair a deep, burnt orange with creamy off-white and your home will look great from September all the way through November. The muted orange shade will add warmth to any room, while cream provides contrast and helps brighten the space.

Dress up your sofa with throw pillows and blankets featuring this updated fall color combo. Add natural accents, such as vases filled with burnt-orange blooms and colorful fall branches. Include wood and wicker pieces to create a cozy fall living room filled with texture.

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4.      Caramel & Hunter Green

You may remember that caramel is the hot color for fall. If you’re looking for the perfect hue to pair it with, hunter green really brings this warm, rich color to life.

You can find this color combo in everything from fall flowers to plaid throws. If you’re lucky enough to have tan leather and warm wood furniture, you’re already halfway there. Dress them up with deep-green accents – such as placemats and throw pillows – and add plenty of fall flowers to carry the look throughout your house.

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5.      Au Naturel

A color palette doesn’t always have to be colorful. If you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, try going “au naturel” with your fall decorating. The secret to making this look work is to use varying neutral shades and an abundance of texture.

Layer your room with natural colors – like oyster, linen, coffee and sand – along with lots of natural wood. Add chunky knits, wicker, burlap and macramé accents for maximum texture. Decorate with fall’s bounty. A dish of gourds or a sprig of fall berries are all the fall accents you need for this casual, seasonal style.

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6.      White + Anything

With white trending so heavily in all areas of interior design, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing seasonal decorations that follow suit. Now, you can find everything from pumpkins to wreaths in shades of white and cream. The great thing about this trend is that it goes with everything!

Whether you pair it with a bold cranberry, glitzy gold or subtle blush pink, all colors look great with white. If you don’t want to purchase a whole new seasonal collection, you can easily do it yourself. Just grab a can of your favorite white spray paint and transform a few of your existing fall items.

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Leave the red, orange and gold to mother nature, and create some fabulous new fall decor with one of these stylish fall color palettes.

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