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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

by Point2 Staff
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Spring is a joyous season, bringing the promise of longer days and warmer weather. But it’s also the time to take out the feather duster, shake off those winter cobwebs, and consider giving your home a good clean.

Of course, not everyone enjoys the annual spring cleaning operation, but if you want to freshen up your home for the summer, it needs to be done. The good news is that with a bit of planning and a few tips and tricks, it doesn’t have to be such a tedious chore. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know to put a spring in your step when it comes to spring cleaning.

7 Spring Cleaning Tips to Make the Job Easy

Before we look at the most critical tasks you’ll need to take care of during your spring clean, let’s explore some of our top spring cleaning tips.

1.     Get It on Paper First

Before you pull on the marigolds, it’s well worth making a list of the various things you’ll need to do. It’s easy to neglect one or two tasks during this annual deep clean, but with a checklist in hand, you won’t miss a thing. For a bit of inspiration when it comes to making your checklist, see the second part of this guide.

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2.     Organize Yourself

There’s nothing worse than getting into the swing of a big clean only to realize you’re missing an essential tool or cleaning product. Having to nip out to the store can put a spanner in the works! So, as soon as you’ve written up your checklist, think about what cleaning products and equipment you’ll need to get the job done. Here are a few essentials:

Remember, you may need a few other specialized tools for your home, such as glass scrapers, paint, or even caulk.

3.     Don’t Be Afraid to Declutter

It’s not easy to clean a room that’s full of junk, so now is the time to declutter and stash those non-essentials away. Put all those bulky winter clothes, shoes, and things like snow shovels into storage. Not only does this enable you to free up space for more seasonal garments and items, but you’ll also find it much easy to clean a decluttered room.

4.     Work from Top to Bottom

Once you’ve cleared your rooms out, it’s time to get started on the actual cleaning. Like anything, planning is essential to work more efficiently. The best practice is to start on the top floor and work your way down. The same applies within each room — start with ceilings, then the highest shelves and tall furniture tops, and work downwards.

This is because dust can quickly become unsettled and fall. So, if you’d cleaned your desk before the shelves above it, you might find it dusty again when you move things on the shelves.

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5.     Clean One Room at a Time

A full spring clean can be a daunting task at first glance. But, if you go room by room, the entire job becomes far more manageable. Another bonus is that it allows you to store items and furniture that might be in your way in rooms that you’re not currently cleaning.

6.     Remember the Little Things

All homes are filled with small things we barely look at normally, such as trims, moldings, lamp shades and door handles. However, once they’ve been cleaned up, you’ll really notice the difference! Other easily missed areas include behind appliances and devices such as computers and fridges.

7.     Don’t Forget to Clean Outside

Giving the outside of your home a good spring clean not only improves your curb appeal but will also finish the job off nicely. A pressure washer is a fantastic tool for breathing new life into shabby driveways, patios, paths, or walls. It’s also worth checking your gutters and cleaning them out if necessary.

Likewise, a general yard tidy-up can ensure your greenspaces look fantastic. Spring is also a great time to start planting new plants, of course. Add in any fresh annual flowers you’ve had your eye on, or maybe even try your hand at growing your own herbs and vegetables.

Finally, don’t forget to dust off your outdoor furniture and appliances, ready for summer parties and gatherings.

A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Every Room

With our handy tips in mind, you can start making your checklist. To make it easier, we’ve broken it down by room. So, here are the main tasks to consider when you tackle your spring clean:

Living Room

  • Clean sofas and upholstery: Use a vacuum — or, if necessary, a steamer — to get inside all the crevices. Wash any cushion cases, blankets and throws.
  • Dust furniture, fittings and electrical appliances: such as the TV, computer and any tables, cabinets or other surfaces. Use a damp cloth to dust any high-dust surfaces, like lampshades.


  • Redress the bed: Rotate the mattress 180 degrees, and flip it if it has a separate summer and winter side. Next, clean under the bed. And finally, wash the bedsheets and pillowcases on a long cycle at 140 degrees.
  • Reorganize cabinets and wardrobes: Now is an excellent time to declutter and swap out winterwear for something more seasonal.


  • Scrub grease away: Baking soda and warm water or a liquid dish soap solution both work well on tiles, countertops and the stovetop.
  • Organize drawers and cabinets: Dispose of expired ingredients, broken utensils, and anything else you no longer need. Clean drawer linings and the inside of all drawers and cabinets.
  • Clear out and clean fridge and freezer: Defrost if necessary, throw out any waste, then give the inside a good clean.
  • Clean inside the oven: and other appliances such as the microwave or air fryer.
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  • Scrub tiles: Ensure you clean up any black mold in the grout and spray with a vinegar solution before scrubbing to prevent future outbreaks.
  • Clean mirrors and windows: Use glass cleaner or vinegar with newspaper for best results.
  • Dust surfaces: Don’t forget the vent cover!
  • Wash shower curtain, towels, and any mats: Replace if necessary.
  • Clean the toilet and sink with bleach.
  • Unclog shower drain: Remove hair and use a drain cleaner if necessary.
  • Organize cabinets: Remove unused and expired goods.

Around the Whole House

  • Clean the floors: roll up any rugs and beat outside. Sweep or vacuum, then mop if necessary.
  • Dust off the ceilings.
  • Open windows to air the house.
  • Clean all windows inside and out.
  • Wash curtains, blinds and drapes on a delicate cycle.
  • Clean windowsills.
  • Clean and disinfect door handles and light switches.
  • Organize cables.


  • Sort through old items: Dispose of any old tins of paint, broken tools and faulty appliances.
  • Box up usable items: Clearly label the boxes and save tons of space. Anything you don’t need can be sold or given away.
  • Clean and organize shelves and cabinets.

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