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Modern Farmhouse Interior Design: 5 Chic Ideas for Your Home

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design: 5 Chic Ideas for Your Home
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When you hear the words modern and farmhouse, you may not think they belong together. But when it comes to home décor, they make a perfect pairing. With just the right blend of casual and rustic, modern farmhouse interior design continues to grow in popularity.

If you’re dreaming of a space that’s light and airy with a cozy, lived-in feel, modern farmhouse might be just what you’re looking for. As with any design style, the key to making it look right is to avoid going overboard. Try these 5 chic ideas to bring this modern yet classic trend to your home.

The Perfect Farmhouse Table

The kitchen is the social hub of a traditional farmhouse. So, a large table ready to accommodate get-togethers with family and friends is a must have in any farmhouse kitchen. Live-edge wood tables offer a truly rustic look and also bring warmth and texture to a room. For a more modern farmhouse style, consider a painted wood table in white or pale, chalky hues. Don’t worry about the paint chipping over time, that just adds to the charm.

A modern farmhouse table also offers the opportunity to mix up your seating options. Nothing says sit down and get cozy like bench or banquette seating. Pair a round table with a corner banquette or add a bench in place of chairs on one side of the table. To create a less formal dining area, consider mix-and-match seating. Look for mismatched chairs at yard sales and flea markets to get a vintage look for a reasonable price.

Combine Old and New

The secret to modern farmhouse décor is finding the right mixture of old and new pieces. You want your home to have a casual, lived-in vibe, not look like it’s stuck in the past. And don’t forget comfort. Everything in your home should be both comfortable and functional. Pair an antique dining table with modern upholstered chairs for the right mix of modern comfort and rustic charm.

Look for unique vintage pieces you can repurpose in creative ways. A vintage armoire can serve as a beautiful entryway closet. With the addition of some simple wiring and a shade, oversize antique glass bottles can become rustic light fixtures. And almost any vintage vase, jar, or pitcher can find new life when filled with fresh or dried flowers.


Photo: Breadmaker / Shutterstock

Bring Barn Doors Inside

The addition of sliding barn doors will add rustic appeal to any room or hallway. They’re also a great solution for areas that are tight on space since they don’t require the swing radius of a regular door. Barn doors also provide a convenient way to close off large openings between rooms. This can come in handy when you want to create additional privacy in an otherwise open space.

For a really rustic look, choose rough-hewn or reclaimed wood and traditional wrought-iron hardware for your barn doors. To get a more modern farmhouse feel, white painted wood doors will also brighten the space. Or, paint the door to match the wall so it blends with the wall when closed and seems to disappear when open.

Incorporate Rustic Fixtures

Sometimes it’s the details that can make or break a room. If you’re changing your design style, pay attention to accents such as lighting and hardware to complete the look. Sleek and modern fixtures in a rustic room will look out of place. Choose brass or iron hardware over more modern chrome or gold for door handles and drawer pulls. And don’t forget the faucet: a beautiful brass or oil rubbed bronze faucet will give your kitchen that vintage farmhouse feel.

Swapping out your lighting can go a long way in transforming the look of your home. Replace contemporary or builder-grade light fixtures with oversized rustic chandeliers to make a statement in the dining room. Update kitchen island lights with painted metal or seeded glass pendants to continue the look in the kitchen. Finally, vintage style wall sconces bring modern farmhouse appeal to a hallway or study.


Photo: Breadmaker / Shutterstock

Get Back to Basics

The beauty of modern farmhouse décor often comes from embracing original architectural details. Instead of bringing in new materials to create that farmhouse look, remove modern additions to discover the great bones underneath.

If you live in an older home, try lifting up carpets to reveal the original hardwood floors. Additionally, remove drywall to uncover original brick or shiplap walls underneath. These classic features will add character that’s difficult to replicate with modern materials.

When it comes to modern farmhouse interior design, less is more. A neutral color palette with lots of texture will give your home that casual, uncluttered farmhouse feel. Simply incorporate a few of the ideas above to complete the look.

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