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Mixing Home Design Styles: Mid-Century Modern & Coastal

Mixing Home Design Styles: Mid-Century Modern & Coastal
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Mixing Home Design Styles Mid-Century Modern Coastal 1

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Some design styles actually look better when you put them together. Mid-century modern and coastal designs are a perfect example. For instance, mid-century modern decor becomes even more appealing when you brighten it up and add some texture. Meanwhile, you can add interest to a coastal interior with the sleek lines and interesting shapes of mid-century modern pieces.

When done right, combining these two designs will give you a bright and comfortable space that’s brimming with style. Here are five tips to help you successfully combine mid-century modern and coastal decor.

1.      Pick a Favorite

Before you decorate your home in a mid-century/coastal combo, you’ll have to decide which style is going to be the star. Do you love the bold shapes and clean lines of mid-century modern? Or, do you prefer a light-filled home that feels like a day at the beach?

The dominant style should fill about 80% of the room, while the secondary style acts as an accent to add interest and character. As an example, if coastal is your dominant style, try introducing a retro coffee table. Or, add a blue-striped carpet to give your mid-century modern dining room a coastal touch.

2.      Create a Floorplan

Coastal rooms are often filled with big, comfy furnishings, while mid-century decor usually features smaller pieces and fewer of them. To create a balance between the two styles, it can help to work with a floorplan. By planning your room on paper first, it’s easy to determine if things are too crowded or if one style is overpowering the other.

Consider the traffic flow of your home and ensure your furniture layout allows everyone to move comfortably throughout the space. Start with the largest pieces, like sofas and dining tables. Then, add in smaller items, such as side tables and extra chairs. Just don’t forget to mark the style of each piece on the plan to ensure the room is balanced.

3.      Adapt a Coastal Color Palette

Normally, when combining design styles, you can coordinate your colors with either style as long as you’re consistent. But, to get that coveted, beachy feeling, you need a coastal color scheme. While mid-century modern style embraces deep jewel tones and earthy hues, a coastal interior should feel like you’re sitting by the ocean.

To get the right aesthetic, start with a neutral base of crisp whites and pale, sandy beiges. Then, add in plenty of pale blues and greens with navy accents for contrast.

Mixing Home Design Styles Mid-Century Modern Coastal 2

Image: ben bryant / Shutterstock.com

4.      Let the Light In

One of the biggest draws of coastal decor is the bright and sunny rooms. While you can’t always control the amount of natural light, there are a few ways to make a room seem brighter.

First, start by cleaning your windows. You’d be surprised by how much brighter a room becomes without that layer of dirt and grime on the windows. Then, swap out heavy window treatments for sheers or semi-transparent options that let the light through.

If you still find that your space feels gloomy, it’s time to bring in some backup. As an example, adding lamps throughout your home will help eliminate dark corners and create even light. Plus, new LED light bulbs are energy-efficient and give you the ability to choose what type of light you get; that means that you could fill your home with the equivalent of daylight to create the illusion of natural light.

5.      Add Texture

Texture helps make any room feel complete, regardless of the design style. And, one of the reasons mid-century modern and coastal design work so well together is that they each bring different textures to the mix.

Mid-century modern furnishings are often smooth and sleek with tightly woven fabrics and synthetic materials. Meanwhile, coastal decor generally includes lots of rough textures, like unfinished wood and chunky weaves. By putting them together, you get a space that draws you in and pleases the senses.

Try these five tips to combine mid-century modern and coastal decor for a bright and welcoming space with classic style. If you’re interested in experimenting with other combos, be sure to also check out our previous articles on pairing designs:

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