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Mixing Home Design Styles: Farmhouse & Industrial

Mixing Home Design Styles: Farmhouse & Industrial
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Mixing Home Design Styles Farmhouse Industrial

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The farmhouse look has been going strong for almost a decade now … which means it’s about due for a refresher. If you still love modern farmhouse style – but are ready to change things up a bit – let us introduce you to industrial farmhouse.

Industrial farmhouse design combines the rustic, well-loved farmhouse aesthetic with a strong, masculine, industrial look. The result is a well-balanced interior with low-fuss furnishings that gives you a perfect blend of comfortable and durable. Here are five things you need to know to pull off this casual and inviting look in your own home.

1.      You Have to Love Wood

Both farmhouse and industrial decor feature a lot of wood, and we’re not just talking wood furniture. It’s not uncommon for a farmhouse interior to feature wood floors, walls, and ceilings! Conversely, industrial style is a bit more selective with its use of wood; you’ll find a lot of wood furniture mixed with a variety of other industrial materials.

If you’re starting out fresh with this style, you have a lot of options. For instance, the addition of shiplap, beadboard or rough wood ceiling beams will instantly give your home a farmhouse feel. Alternatively, if you already have a farmhouse interior and want to add some industrial touches, swap out your painted and unfinished wood for some smoother and darker options.

2.      Plan to Incorporate Cast Iron

From lighting to furniture frames to hardware, cast iron will take your modern farmhouse interior to a more industrial level. This hard, dark metal creates a striking contrast with the rough wood and pale finishes of farmhouse decor. And, with just a few simple changes, you can easily add a bit of edge to any room with some cast iron accents.

In the living room, replace an all-wood coffee table with one with a cast-iron frame. Meanwhile, cast iron bar stools will give your farmhouse kitchen a more industrial look. In the dining room, mix up your furniture by adding metal chairs or a table with a wood top and metal frame. And, don’t forget about the fixtures. Cast iron lighting will add an industrial touch to almost any room of the house. Try a bold, statement chandelier in the bedroom or stylish cast iron wall sconces in the bathroom and laundry room.

3.      Distressed is Good

Perhaps one of the greatest things about both industrial and farmhouse decor is that they embrace imperfections; you don’t have to worry about chipped paint, dented metal or unfinished surfaces with either of these styles. This also means that you can shop at thrift and antique stores for great finds and better prices.

4.      Neutral Colors Are the Way to Go

Neither farmhouse nor industrial decor use a lot of bright colors; both favor a neutral palette with just a few hints of subtle color. But you’ll still have to choose between a light and airy farmhouse color scheme or a dark and moody industrial one.

Industrial decor features mainly blacks and browns with muted accents of deep colors, such as burgundy and forest green. On the other hand, farmhouse generally leans toward a light beige and white backdrop with touches of pale blues and greens. Pale colors don’t mix well with deep hues, so pick one theme and carry it throughout all of your connected spaces.

5.      Expose What’s Underneath

Industrial design likes to expose the unfinished elements in a home. Rather than covering up what’s in the ceiling or behind the walls, the idea is to showcase the mechanics and original materials underneath.

If you happen to live in an old home, you may be able to find some hidden treasures within your walls. However, many modern homes don’t have original brick walls or hidden shiplap to expose. If that’s the case, there are ways to get the look with some easy DIY tricks, and there are many options to create faux brick walls. The quickest and easiest is with wallpaper, but there are also realistic-looking stencils and laminates that you won’t be able to distinguish from the real thing.

This new and improved take on farmhouse style will give your home a fresh new look with just a few simple changes.

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