How to Make your Interiors Exude Luxury for Less

How to Make your Interiors Exude Luxury for Less

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In our modern homes everyone is trying to make their interiors look beautiful. In fact, who doesn’t want to own a home that looks like a professional decorated it? It looks stunning and stands out in a neighborhood.

The good news is that updating your home doesn’t have to be a big project. You can revamp it without breaking the bank. You can repurpose items, try DIY decorating projects, and merge inexpensive ideas to create home interiors that look like they belong in the pages of a magazine. Here’s how to do it:

Paint Accent Walls

Paint Accent Walls

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An accent wall can add color to a space, emphasize a theme, or highlight treasured features. It is a great way to experiment with small quantities of bold and bright hues. It can help you to create color flow between furniture, artwork, and accessories. Every room in your home needs a focal point and an accent wall creates a larger-than-life one.

Refinish Floors

Most floors age after a while. Hardwood floors begin showing their age after about 20 years. If your hardwood floor has scratches, looks dull, or is discolored, it needs refinishing.

Fortunately, the standard ¾-inch hardwood floor can be sanded 6-8 times in its lifetime. Unless you live in a very old house, chances are that your floor can be spruced up. Hire a hardwood floor refinisher, an installer, or someone who specializes in refinishing.

Replace Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures

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If your lighting lacks personality, toss it out. Replace the ceiling fans and chandeliers with unique lighting fixtures that draw eyes upwards. You don’t have to shop in expensive lighting stores to find the right fixtures, scour secondhand stores and flea markets for budget-friendly pieces.

The money you save on the fixtures can be used on other items to create a designer-inspired look. Be sure to add table lamps and floor lamps.

Reface Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Replacing cabinets isn’t cheap and should only be done if the cabinets are completely worn out. If they are still in good condition but have lost their original appeal, reface them. There are three ways you can reface cabinets:
1.    Paint or refinish cabinet and drawer fronts
2.    Install new wood over the cabinets and drawer fronts
3.    Install new cabinet doors and drawer fronts
New hardware can be used to complete the updates in all 3 cases. You can also sand cabinet interiors, paint them, or stain them for a whole new look.

kitchen cabinets

Image via: Rejig Design

Update Bed and Bath Linen

Colorful bed and bath linen can transform your rooms in an instant. Buy comforters with shams or bed skirts for a designer look and choose those that reflect your personal style. Pick bright bathroom towels and linen to add interest. If you know your way around a sewing machine, make your own linen and save the money you would have used to buy new ones.

Choose the Right Accessories

room accessories

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Avoid bright accessories, as they can look tacky when used together. While gold baubles, gilded frames, and brass lighting are regular fixtures in expensive, fabulous home interiors, make sure you choose  more accessible accessories made from silver, chrome, or brushed nickel as they are easy on the eyes and offer a polished look.

If you have gold frames, replace them with new silver ones. Silver reflects light better than gold and will help you to achieve the look you want.


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