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6 Amazing Interior Design Trends: Let Your Home Shine

6 Amazing Interior Design Trends: Let Your Home Shine
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Your home is your castle but when it comes to interior design, sometimes inspiration can be difficult to come across. Designing your ideal home is a lot of fun and with our list of trends and tips, you’re sure to create a space that suits your lifestyle perfectly.

Bold Colors for a Vibrant Interior

Neutral colors will always be popular, but recently there’s been a growing trend towards brightening spaces up with bolder, more exciting color schemes. People are throwing off the shackles of creams and whites and splashing a range of colors into their homes. Working from a neutral base, bright accent walls, furniture and decorations can really liven up your home. And if you also find some ways to bring more light into the room, you have a winning combination!

Rather than fearing a clash of similar colors, many designers are pairing colors of the same ‘family’ to great effect. While painting your entire home bright pink might not be what you’re after, there’s no reason not to experiment by adding color little by little. Colored wallpaper, textured rugs, and funky pillows are great if you want to liven up your home a bit and you can build from there.

Comfort is Key

With brighter color schemes to welcome hardworking homeowners home, comfort is another big trend that is gaining ground, and for good reason. Home is increasingly being seen as your space for escaping the world, kicking back and relaxing as the pressures of modern life seep away.

Round, colorful and ultra-comfy sofas and chairs set the tone for the whole style of the room, so mild curves and soft fabrics go a long way when it comes to creating a feeling of peace and well-being. These inviting pieces of furniture can help create a safe and cozy space to relax in, a place that truly helps you recharge for the next day.

Bring the Outside In

As home becomes more of a relaxing, personal space – rather than somewhere to show off to friends – you can see designers incorporating more of the things that offer tranquility. Live plants and living walls transform an interior, providing a cleaner, more positive atmosphere. Schemes using colors drawn from nature are also increasingly popular, with cool greens making a big impact.

Paired with earthenware items, rustic furniture and handcrafted covers and pillows, a back to basics approach to interior design helps us to unplug from the hectic digital world around us. Tropical hits are also big this year, with those pining for all things exotic catered for in the form of bright colors, plants and tiles.

Heavy Textures and Embellishments

Working hand in hand with a back-to-nature style, heavy textures and rough embellishments lend a hand-crafted look to your interior design. From pillows and cushions, to sheets and wall hangings, thick heavy textures are appearing more frequently around the home. Macramé knotting, tassels, fringes and even feathers, these textures just demand to be touched.

Rattan and wicker are increasingly popular as materials for furniture, lampshades and decorations. Thick, heavy fabrics such as wool and hemp are being used for pillow cases, window hangings and covers, mingling beautifully with a more natural, rustic theme.

Dark Wood and Glimmering Gold

Previous trends lent towards using lighter types of wood finishes for furniture and flooring, but dark woods are being celebrated once again. Rich, heavy grained furniture and doors are increasingly popular as more and more designers turn to brighter colors throughout the home. Playing against a bolder palette, the dark wood stands out and looks fantastic.

To compliment the gorgeous hues of the dark wooden furniture, golden handles, feet and hinges are also being used. Slightly subtler than silver, the glimmer of gold stands out sensibly against a darker backdrop, again complimenting the brighter surroundings.

Ombre: To Shade in Style

As homeowners and designers become more adventurous with color, a new trend emerges: Ombre. Literally meaning ‘to shade’, this technique allows you to start from a color scheme of your choice and then add various shades throughout a given space, creating a richer and cozier setting.

It works particularly well in the bedroom, where you can play with wallpaper, curtains, bed sheets, covers, pillows and decorations, all in varying shades of the same color. This adds depth to the space and paired with the heavy textures mentioned previously, creates a room you can’t get enough of!

These popular trends in interior design are geared towards making your space your own. Rather than creating a picture-perfect design for other people to enjoy, current trends focus on creating a safe place that you can relax in. Experimentation is encouraged, and the only boundaries are within your own mind!

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