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How to Freshen Up Your Decor Without Leaving the House

How to Freshen Up Your Decor Without Leaving the House
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Need A Change of Scenery - How to Freshen Up Your Interior Design Without Leaving the House

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If you’ve been stuck in the house for a while, you might be getting a little tired of looking at the same four walls. And, while you can’t go out to get new things, you can get a whole new look by using what you already own.

The great thing about redecorating with what you have is that it requires minimal commitment. You haven’t spent anything, and if you don’t like it, you can just put it back the way it was! With that in mind, here are five fun ways to revamp your decor and give your home a fresh, new look while social distancing.


Getting rid of extra stuff that’s cluttering up your home is the first step in creating a space you love. Not only will it let you see what you have to work with, but decluttering can also reduce stress and make your home seem more spacious. These are both added bonuses at a time when you might be feeling a bit tense and cooped up.

To begin, pick up anything that’s not in its proper place and return it to where it belongs. Then, take another pass and put anything that’s a duplicate or hasn’t been used in the last year in a donation box. By now, you should have a clear view of all of your furniture and decor so you can start redecorating!

Move Furniture

Want a quick change that makes a big effect? If so, moving furniture around can make it feel like a whole new home. However, before you start, take photographs of each room so you can easily put everything back if you don’t love the new look. (For the best results, stand in each corner to snap a picture to get a full view of the room.)

In particular, try swapping the location of the couch and TV for a whole new outlook on an old space. Or, for a bigger change, move pieces to completely different parts of the house. For example, take the chair from the bedroom and use it in the living room. Or, swap area rugs between the dining room and living room to refresh both spaces. If the decor in the room ties in with the rug, go ahead and switch it out, too!

Find Decor Where You Least Expect It

A little creative thinking can open up a whole new world of decorations. For instance, take those pretty plates that you got for your wedding or your grandma passed down to you and turn them into art. Create an attractive wall display or use them in your shelf decor to add a personal touch to your home.

Along the same lines, look for ways to repurpose everyday items to give your home a new look. For example, a vintage steamer trunk can make a unique coffee table. Or, mix things up and hang baskets on the wall instead of setting them on a shelf. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box. Creativity is key to redecorating with what you own.

Shop the Closet

Can’t shop in a store? That’s okay. You can always shop your linen closet for a new look for your room. Because most of us have more than one set of bedding, give your bedroom a refresh by switching out your bedspread and linens. This strategy also applies to the bathroom. Change up your towels, bathmats and shower curtain to make it feel like a new space.

Likewise, nothing gives a room an instant facelift like new pillows and throws. If you’re a frequent decor shopper, you probably have a stash of throw pillows and extra blankets in a closet somewhere. And, now that we’re moving into spring, it’s a perfect time to switch to brighter colors and lighter materials.

Level Up Your Plants

There’s nothing better than plants to bring a bit of life to your home and create a connection to the outdoors. And, let’s face it, anything that brings us closer to the outdoors is welcome right now! Plus, spring is a great time to divide your plants and start new growth. So, pull those extra flower pots out of the shed and double the amount of plant life in your home.

If you don’t have extra pots, try putting a plant in a basket or moving it to a new location for a change of greenery. Meanwhile, if you’ve got some extra paint around the house, update your flowerpots to match your decor. Or, try your hand at stenciling or sponging for added texture and a unique style.

It turns out that you already have everything you need to give your home a fresh, new look!

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