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How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

by Point2 Editorial Staff
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Studio apartments are often an affordable home option and can provide a great blank slate to add your personal touch to the space. But you may be looking around a studio apartment, wondering what your best decor options are and how you can use the space in a way that makes sense.

Here are some things to consider if you’re looking to decorate a studio apartment and add personality, functionality and maybe even some “wow” factor.

Create Separation

shelf separator in studio apartment

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Just because you live in a studio apartment, it doesn’t have to look that way. Creating separation throughout the apartment will help establish certain “zones,” such as sleeping, living and dining areas. Bookshelves are an easy way to divide the space in a studio apartment and have the benefit of providing additional storage, something many studios often need.

Curtains and decorative screens that can be pulled or folded back are also an affordable and effective way to create separate spaces and hide clutter when needed. Moreover, adding some area rugs and light fixtures can help designate different areas.

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Incorporate Shelving

Storage is essential in any space, but likely even more so in studio apartments, where closets, cupboards and other storage options aren’t always available. Adding shelving will allow you to stay more organized, display your favorite objects and keep things off the valuable floor space.

Shelving can be placed on walls, added above doorways and furniture, and incorporated using freestanding units – there are endless options. Get creative with the placement and types of shelving you use to help make this storage option look more fun and unexpected.

Embrace Bold

bold red wall in studio apartment

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The simplicity of a studio apartment shouldn’t make you shy away from making bolder design choices here and there. Choosing an accent wall and making it stand out with gorgeous wallpaper, alluring paint colors or attractive vinyl or wood paneling can really make the space your own.

Don’t be afraid to choose interesting decor items and furniture that make a statement, but use them sparingly for the right kind of impact. Art pieces, whether hanging on the wall or displayed on shelving or furniture, can also bring more interest into your space. Choose something that speaks to you!

Make it Count

If space is at a premium in your studio apartment, it’s essential to make the best use of every inch. Having furniture that can do double duty is a great way to make a studio apartment more functional. Look for ottomans that double as coffee tables, sofas that convert to beds, and dressers that can work as TV stands.

Move Up

loft bed in studio apartment

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If you live in a studio apartment that has exceptionally high ceilings, you might be able to create a loft to add to your total living space. Loft areas can serve as private sleeping quarters when you add a mattress and bedding, as additional storage space if that’s more useful to you, or as extra living space that can be used as an unconventional office, yoga or even a pet area.

You can get kits to build the loft yourself, or you might consider hiring a professional to create one that’s right for you and your needs. Remember, lofts must be sturdy enough to hold your weight, your guests’ weight, and any furniture and other belongings stored there.

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