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Home Decorating Don’ts: 6 Things You Should NEVER Do

Home Decorating Don’ts: 6 Things You Should NEVER Do
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You’ve studied the design blogs, found the perfect inspiration image and have a clear vision of how your new decor is going to look. You’ve been browsing online for weeks, and you’re almost ready to start putting it all together.

But, before you start shopping, make sure you’re not about to commit any serious decorating faux pas! The following mistakes can make even the most beautiful interior design look out of place:

1. Decorating Without a Plan

Impulse buys are so tempting. But, decorating without first making a plan can leave your home looking less than its best. Before you make any purchases, take time to sit down and outline what you need to make your home both beautiful and functional.

Start by picking a color scheme and narrowing down a design style. These two factors should come into play for each purchase you make. No matter how much you love a piece, if it doesn’t tie into your design plan, it won’t feel cohesive with the rest of your furniture. A well-thought-out plan will also help you stay on budget and prevent buyer’s remorse.

2. Painting Without Testing

Just because you love a color doesn’t mean it will look good on your walls. To prevent costly errors, always make sure you test paint colors properly. To get a really good feel for a new color, paint large samples on all the walls you plan to cover. Leave them up for a few days and notice how the color changes at different times of the day. You can also see how it compares to your flooring, countertops and large furnishings before committing to the color.

3. Hanging Things at the Wrong Height

Hanging curtains and artwork at the wrong height is an all-too-common design mistake. When it comes to artwork, most people hang pieces too high. A good rule to follow is to hang pictures with the center at eye level. While eye level can vary depending on the person, the standard is about 60 inches.

When it comes to curtains, the opposite is true, and most people actually hang them too low. To make windows appear larger and let in the maximum amount of natural light, hang curtain rods just below the ceiling. Allow the rod to extend far enough past the window frame so the curtains don’t cover the window when open.

4. Choosing Rugs That Are Too Small

An area rug is a great way to anchor a space, pull together a color scheme and help warm up a room. But the wrong area rug can actually make a room seem smaller. To ensure you always get the right size rug for the room, follow these simple guidelines.

  • Living room: Rugs should be large enough that the front feet of all furniture can sit comfortably on the rug.
  • Dining room: Ensure chairs can be pulled out from the table and still have all legs on the rug.
  • Bedroom: Rugs should allow your feet to land on the rug on both sides of the bed when you get up.

5. Not Layering Your Lighting

Most people live with bad lighting without even realizing it. The secret to perfect lighting is to layer different types of lighting at varying levels throughout the room. The goal is to have sufficient light to perform any task that the space may be used for.

Each room should have overall lighting that lets you move about safely. You should also have task lighting for activities such as reading or cooking. Once the room is sufficiently lit, you can also add in accent lighting to highlight artwork or architectural features.

6. Buying Matching Sets

One-stop shopping may seem like a foolproof way to decorate your home, but your home should express your taste and personality – not look like a page from your favorite catalog.

To create a home with character, take your time selecting pieces that speak to you. This will also make it much easier when you want to update the room. Then, you can simply swap out outdated items for new pieces you love.

Interior design mistakes are sometimes hard to spot. You can be in a room and just feel that something is out of place. But by taking into account these six decorating don’ts you’re one step closer to your perfect home design.

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