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Home Decor Tips for the Holidays (Part 1): 6 Pro Design Secrets

Home Decor Tips for the Holidays (Part 1): 6 Pro Design Secrets
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Home Decor Tips for the Holidays (Part 1) 6 Pro Design Secrets

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’Tis the season for festive get-togethers and fabulous holiday decorations. But, when it comes to decorating and the holidays, things can turn from merry and bright to chaotic and stressful before you know it.

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to get your holiday decorations just right, you’re not alone. Creating a picture-perfect holiday home can be harder than it looks – especially when you’re trying to juggle all of the other demands of the season. Here are six holiday decorating tips to help you get that magical feeling without breaking the bank – or your sanity.

Make a Plan

Holiday decorating is just like any other decorating project. To get the end result to match the vision in your mind, you have to start with a plan. Taking the time to make a plan will prevent you from going overboard and help you stay on track.

The first step is to select a style and color scheme for your holiday decor. This will help create balance and consistency throughout the decorations in your home. If you want a truly cohesive look, keep your decorations in the same style as your home.

Get Out ALL Your Decorations

Go through your closets, garage, attic and wherever else you stash holiday decor and get it all in one place. Spread everything out so you can take stock of what you own. This will give you an idea of where you have overlap and where there are gaps to fill in.

This is also a great time to get rid of any broken, duplicate or unwanted items. If you sort through your decorations early in the season, you can donate your excess items and help someone in need decorate their home, too.

Edit Your Current Decor

The secret to making your home look festive and not cluttered during the holidays is to edit your current decor. Don’t just add holiday items among what’s already there; take the time to pack up your regular decor and give your holiday decorations a clean slate.

Start by clearing off shelves and tables to make room for your holiday vignettes. Swap out throw pillows and blankets for seasonal variations for a quick, festive update. You can also change out your wall art for holiday prints and replace everyday candles with holiday colors and scents.

If possible, remove a piece of furniture to make room for the tree. It’ll give the tree some breathing room and you’ll appreciate the extra space for the family to gather.

Decorate Your Entire Home

Don’t stop your holiday decor at the front door! So often, people decorate the front porch and the living room and that’s it. Instead, carry your decorating throughout the house to give your whole home a bit of holiday magic.

Start with the most-used rooms and work your way around the house. Spruce up the bathroom with festive, scented soap and hand towels that match your seasonal decor. Put out holiday dishes for every meal instead of just the big dinners. And, don’t forget the bedrooms! Break out your cozy, plaid bedding; add some festive throw pillows; and string garland across your headboard. If you prefer to keep it simple, a few strands of twinkle lights can make any space feel festive.

Don’t Break the Budget

The holidays can be expensive enough, so don’t break your budget on decorations. You’ll be amazed at all the great holiday decor you can find at discount and dollar stores. Decorations don’t stay out for long and they are rarely handled, so it’s okay to choose the less-expensive options.

DIY holiday decorations are even more affordable and will always be unique. For example, a bit of white paint and some glitter will turn pinecones into sparkling decorations. Or, take a plain, dollar-store wreath and add pinecones, berries and your own ornaments to create a gorgeous holiday wreath for just a few dollars. Tie ribbons around LED candles for an instant festive upgrade.

But, Do Invest in a Good Tree Stand

If you’re going to put up a tree, this is one area where it’s best to spend a little more. Avoid broken bulbs and big messes by ensuring your tree stand can handle the size and weight of your tree. And, if you have curious pets, make sure your tree is properly secured to withstand the extra challenges.

Now that you’re ready to start decorating, it’s time to choose a theme! Stay tuned for part two of our holiday decorating tips to find out which holiday themes are hot this year!

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