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Home Decor Gifts for the Holidays

by Point2 Editorial Staff
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Many people spend extra time at home during the holidays, gathering with family, hosting parties or just relaxing. Our homes are where we can express ourselves through decor and be surrounded by the things we love.

That’s why home decor gifts are an excellent option for offering something both practical and beautiful. Here are some fun ideas to provide you with a bit of gift-giving inspiration:

Light it Up


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Candles are a great gift for bringing warmth into the home during the holidays. From their soft glow to their variety of colors, shapes and scents, you’re sure to find a candle to suit just about anyone! If you don’t know what scents the receiver will love, go with light, fresh ones to ensure your gift is thoroughly enjoyed.

Rest Your Head

throw pillows

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There are endless possibilities when it comes to throw pillows, and these soft furnishings are the perfect way to add something extra to a home’s decor. If you know what your giftee’s house looks like, use that information to select something that will complement their existing style. If you aren’t sure, stick with neutral colors and fabrics.

Snuggle and Cuddle

throw blanket

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Who doesn’t love to cuddle up with a comfy blanket every once in a while? A beautiful throw can be a lovely accent to a living room, draped over a sofa when not in use. Be sure to select a throw in a material that feels as good as it looks, and if you don’t know what colors/patterns would be best, avoid anything too wacky.

Scent it Up

aroma diffuser

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An aroma diffuser can be a little piece of art with the added benefit of making a home smell amazing. There are various shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, so select an aroma diffuser that might bring warmth and calm to the receiver’s home. Light scents are probably your safest bet.

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Delightfully Dry

tea towel

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A cute tea towel, while small, can bring a lot of personality to a kitchen. Choose tea towels that are fun but tasteful unless you know the person receiving them would enjoy something really unique. You can often find themed prints – everything from cats to wine to cartoon characters. Select tea towels that are well-made, so they last a while.

A New Leaf

potted plant

Image: Galina Zhigalova / Shutterstock.com

Potted plants can often be a nicer gift than cut flowers since they last longer and can be included as part of a home’s decor. Many also clean the air in the house. There are plenty of types to choose from, as well as a wide variety of decorative pots to put them in. Have fun choosing a unique combination, and be sure to find out how to care for the plant so you can pass that info along.

For the Floor

bathroom mat

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A well-designed and well-made floor covering can really help bring a room together. It’s essential to be careful with color and pattern selection if you don’t know the giftee’s preferences – stick with neutral colors and patterns if this is the case. A fun outdoor welcome mat can also make a great practical gift.

Room Reflections


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Mirrors can help make rooms look a little larger and can even serve as art pieces, depending on their style. Go with a smaller decorative mirror if you’re unsure where the receiver might place it in their home. However, if you’re close with the receiver and know the perfect spot in their home, why not get a larger statement piece?



Image: New Africa / Shutterstock.com

Coasters are always a fun way to protect furniture and keep things clean. With so many types to choose from, you might find it challenging to know what to get, but consider the giftee’s interests, personality and/or style, which should help make the selection process easier. Choose well-made, easy-to-clean options.

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