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Feast Your Eyes on These Dreamy Cottages

Feast Your Eyes on These Dreamy Cottages
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Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life can help us recharge our depleted batteries and allow us to reconnect with nature. A beautiful cottage or cabin is the perfect place to unwind and forget our day-to-day worries. We can slow down, take in the stunning landscape and revel in the solitude that comes with having a little hideaway somewhere special.

Much like our urban abodes, cottages and cabins can reflect our individual personalities and preferences, whether we’re looking for cozy comfort, a space for games and activities, a serene spot to enjoy a good book or a place to entertain. Although rustic and traditional aesthetics work well for cottages and cabins, there’s no reason you can’t explore a sleeker and more modern look among the trees.

From sunny rooms with plenty of cushions to spaces with high-end luxurious finishes and awe-inspiring architecture, cottages and cabins can be as simple or as intriguing as you want them to be. We’ve put together a collection of unbelievable cottages and cabins that will make you want to drop everything and get out on the open road to find your own little slice of heaven.

1. A Cozy Hideout

2. A Light-Filled Dream


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3. A Grand Getaway

4. A Farm Chic Cottage

5. An Architectural Inspiration


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6. A Secret Garden

7. A Natural Focal Point

8. A Grown-Up Treehouse

9. An A-Line Sanctuary

10. An Escape Among the Treetops

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