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Inexpensive Holiday Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Look Fabulous

Inexpensive Holiday Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Look Fabulous
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Holiday Decor

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Are you dreaming of dazzling holiday decor but also looking for ways to cut costs this season? Now that you’re probably staying home for the holidays, it’s your opportunity to go all out when you deck the halls. However, decorations can get costly. Whether you’re decorating for the first time or adding to your current collection, you don’t have to spend a lot. Here are six beautiful but cheap holiday decor ideas to make your home look fabulous. 

Forage in the Forest

Luckily some of the most realistic and festive holiday decorations can actually be found for free! Take a trip into the woods, and you’ll discover almost everything you need to transform your home for the season. Birch branches, pinecones, nuts, berries and evergreen boughs all make beautiful holiday decor.

Use evergreen clippings to make wreaths and garland and adorn them with pinecones, nuts and berries. Then add some ribbon and a few ornaments for a bit of shine and a pop of color. To dress up the outdoors, place birch branches, evergreen boughs, twigs and berries in a bucket or planter. Add some lights and ribbon and you have a lovely display for the front porch.

Look at Everyday Items in a New Light

With a little creativity and a few clever tricks, everyday items can double as dazzling holiday decor. Grouping things together turns a one-off item into a collection. Create a vignette of all white and silver items for a wintery display. Or maybe you have some animal statues in your decor stash. Select the winter and forest animals and group them in a rustic scene.

To fashion a fabulous festive centerpiece with a magical glow, mix pinecones, tree ornaments and mini lights in a decorative bowl. You can also create ambiance all around the house by adding a few ornaments and a candle to pretty drink glasses. Place them anywhere you want a little cheerful glow.

Get Out the Spray Paint

Almost anything can be transformed into a beautiful decoration if you just add a little sparkle. Pick up some metallic paint and some glitter and get ready to turn everyday objects into magical decor.

Save a lot of money and make your own flocked decor. Just dust the edges of pinecones and evergreen branches with white and sprinkle on a bit of glitter before it dries. Suddenly your forest finds will have a magical feel. Or, add shimmer to your holiday vignettes with metallic books. Hang old hardcover books on a line and spray paint them a shimmery shade. Once dry, use them to add sparkle to shelves or lay them flat to display smaller items.

Re-Purpose Holiday Cards

You may not realize it, but you likely have a whole stack of holiday decorations just waiting to be made. All those beautiful holiday cards that end up in the recycling at the end of the season can actually be put to good use.

Cut out pretty pictures, punch a hole in the top, and add string to fill your tree with low-cost ornaments. You can also frame some of your favorites and swap them with your regular artwork for the holidays. Or, run a string or ribbon across the mantle and hang cards instead of a garland.

Have a Holiday Swap

Chances are you probably have a bunch of perfectly good holiday decor that you’re getting a little tired of. If you’re looking for a change but don’t want to buy all new decorations, why not organize a holiday swap?

Collect your gently used holiday items and get your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same. Then select a location where you can set it all up (safely and with proper social distancing) and “shop” each other’s collections. Everyone gets a fresh new look, and it doesn’t cost a thing!

Save on a Tree

Instead of spending on a tree, get creative and fashion your own version of a tree. Use what you already have and decorate a tall plant. It’s very festive and you won’t have to rearrange the furniture to make room for the tree. For a modern minimalist take on things, string lights on the wall in a tree shape. You can even hang a few ornaments on the wires to add a bit of depth.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to decorate a beautiful home for the holidays. Try these inexpensive holiday decor ideas to get a festive look for less. 

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