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DIY Christmas Decorations for Your Rental

by Point2 Editorial Staff
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Living in a rented space can limit what you can do regarding Christmas ornaments that need to be hung or affixed somewhere. But not to worry! You can still get a cozy Christmas look by creatively decorating your space without paying for any potential damage.

Here are some easy and fun DIY Christmas decoration ideas to add to your rented space, excluding any nails, screws, adhesives, or anything else that might leave your landlord feeling grinchy!

Wreaths that Wow

Fabric wreath

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Instead of hanging a wreath from your door using a nail, try using a surface-safe adhesive hook or over-the-door hanger that won’t cause any damage to the door. Traditional wreaths could be too heavy for an adhesive hook, so consider some homemade options using lighter materials like feathers, scraps of fabric, shapes cut out of paper or pompoms. Choose colors and textures that you love, and that will offer your guests a unique greeting when they come to visit.

Wall-Free Lighting

Christmas lights

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There are plenty of ways to use Christmas lights that don’t involve making holes in the walls and ceilings. You could create or find a stand to hang the lights from or wrap them around. For instance, try suspending lights from a sturdy curtain rod, placing them over a mirror or other furniture in your space, or adding them to a basket to illuminate Christmas decorations like ornaments and pinecones. You can also fill jars with battery-powered mini lights for festive table decor.

Cheerful Pillow Covers

Christmas pillow covers

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Changing your decor for Christmas can be as simple as making your soft furnishings look more holiday-themed. Use a sewing machine (either your own or borrowed) to create festive covers for any throw pillows you might have on your sofa. If you don’t have access to a sewing machine, you can also hand-sew the covers or use a hot glue gun. Choose Christmas-theme printed fabrics or solid holiday colors to add stenciled designs, appliques or anything else you think might work.

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Pretty Potpourri

Christmas potpourri

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Potpourri will not only make your space smell amazing (and combat any smells coming from neighboring units), but it also looks beautiful! Use sliced and dried oranges, pinecones, dried star aniseed, cinnamon sticks, whole nuts in the shell, and any other items you think will make the potpourri look and smell great. Adding some essential oils to a cotton ball and hiding it under the potpourri will create an even stronger aroma.

Versatile Vases

Glass vase with Christmas decor

Image: Maya Kruchankova / Shutterstock.com

Glass vases are the perfect blank canvas when it comes to table decor. Fill them with anything to create an instant vibe. For Christmas, think about Christmas ornaments, pinecones and greenery, water and floating candles, battery-powered mini lights, etc. Try a variety of vase shapes and sizes to create more visual interest, and place them on your kitchen table, a side table, your bathroom vanity, or wherever you have the space.

Whimsical Windows

Christmas window decor

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Don’t forget to share your Christmas cheer with the outside world! Your windows can be a great place to display decorations that you’ve made. Hang some twine or heavy string from sturdy curtain rods and use mini clothespins or tape to attach your favorite Christmas cards or handmade textile or paper decorations (think shapes like snowflakes, mittens, Christmas trees, bells and reindeers).

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