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Boho Design: 6 Tips for an Artsy Home

Boho Design: 6 Tips for an Artsy Home
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Do you prefer a room brimming with color and life over clean surfaces and a neutral palette? If so, then it’s time to release your inner free spirit with bohemian interior design! This casual and relaxed design style incorporates different patterns, textiles, and cultures to create unconventional spaces that are both inviting and inspiring.

But, boho design doesn’t focus on trends. Instead, it’s all about personal preferences and creative expression rather than the pursuit of material things. If you’re ready to try this free-spirited, wanderlust-loving style in your home, these six boho design tips will help you get started.

1.      Have Fun with Color

If you’re looking for ways to make your home a little more boho, you’re probably already a fan of bright, bold color. Furniture, walls and everything in between offers opportunities for incorporating color in a bohemian style space. This is the one design style that says it’s okay to mix and not match, and to employ different colors and patterns with abandon.

The secret to making all of these unexpected elements work together is to stick to a defined color palette. Once you’ve established your colors, make sure each element includes at least one of the colors to create a connection. Plus, always include a neutral in your color scheme to balance out the saturated colors.

When it comes to really bright colors like fuchsia or violet, use them sparingly so they don’t overpower the space. If you aren’t ready to embrace boldly colored walls just yet, make a statement with a large-scale piece like a sofa or hutch in a bright hue, instead.

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2.      Aim for a Lived-In Look

Bohemian spaces are the opposite of minimalist and contemporary homes. Instead of sleek surfaces and newly made furniture, boho favors pieces with a casual, well-loved feeling. It’s okay if the edges are frayed, the finish is worn, and the paint is chipped. In fact, those just create character and add to the laid back, care-free vibe.

To get the right aesthetic (and save money), avoid shopping in retail stores. Secondhand and vintage furniture is actually much more appropriate for a bohemian space. Head out to your favorite thrift shop or flea market and take your time searching for your next great piece.

3.      Be Artsy

From graphic textiles to gallery walls, bohemian spaces emphasize art and creativity. A blank wall is a rarity in a boho design. Treat your walls like a giant canvas to display artwork of all kinds. Try hanging a beautiful carpet or piece of fabric for a colorful and original wall covering. Or, for maximum effect, take gallery walls to new levels by extending artwork from floor to ceiling.

Art can be found in the most unexpected places, so don’t hide away anything beautiful. For instance, display colorful jewelry on a tray for all to see. Or, if you have a set of beautiful glasses, keep them on an open shelf rather than stashed away in a cupboard. You could also leave your favorite vase on display all year long and fill it with flowers whenever the opportunity arises.

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4.      Bohemian is Well-Traveled

Bohemian design celebrates wanderlust and creativity. So, fill your home with unique finds and original collections with worldly appeal. If you haven’t made it around the world to collect your own travel souvenirs, look for items like Buddha statues, Turkish lamps, Moroccan tile, and Ming-style vases to achieve a global feel.

You can also use textiles to incorporate patterns and textures from around the world. For example, ikat pillows, suzani throws, batik art, and Moroccan rugs all indicate a nomadic lifestyle.

5.      Incorporate Natural Elements

We spend so much of our lives indoors, behind screens and away from natural light, so it’s important to find ways to expose ourselves to nature whenever possible. Bohemian style strives to create a connection with nature and embraces natural materials as opposed to synthetic items.

Decorate with materials such as real wood, rattan, cotton, burlap, and sisal, and choose handmade rather than manufactured pieces. To bring a feeling of the outdoors in, incorporate as many plants as your home will allow, and highlight views of nature whenever possible.  Opening your curtains to expose views of trees, flowers and green spaces can also improve your focus and general outlook.

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6.      Let Go of All the Rules

The final rule of Boho interior design is that are no rules! The whole point of this style is to express your unique personality in creative and artsy ways. So, surround yourself with things you love and create a home that inspires you!

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