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Looking for a Top Designer for Your Next Home Renovation? Here are Calgary’s Best Interior Design Firms

by Georgiana Mihaila
12 min. read

We all want our interiors to look like they’ve been taken straight out of an interior design magazine (or maybe a carefully curated Pinterest board.) And while we roughly know what design style, furniture, and colour scheme we’d want in our homes, when it comes to putting everything together, we often realize that the space lacks cohesion.

And that’s where the work of a skilled interior designer comes into play. On top of an amazing sense of style, interior designers have experience in working with people, getting to know them, and then taking their dream home out of the fantasy world and bringing it into reality.

To help you find the best interior designer for your needs, we took Calgary’s top interior design companies one by one, and picked out the best 30 – to ease your search whenever you want to redecorate your Calgary home. And here are the top contenders:

Kevin Gray Interiors

Specializing in city, country, and vacation living alike, Kevin Gray’s firm has gained its reputation as Western Canada’s leading timber home interior designers. If you’re looking to turn your timber frame house, cabin, or lodge into a uniquely inviting space, you should make Kevin Gray Interiors your top choice, as the team has vast experience with these types of structures – and the highly specific challenges and opportunities they offer. And the results speak for themselves:


Interior Design Shoppe

If you want to take the stress factor out of your renovation project, make sure you reach out to Interior Design Shoppe. This stylish boutique firm will assist you every step of the way – from design to furnishing – and they only use custom, quality home goods made in North America. And even if you don’t plan on renovating your space in the near future, make sure you stop by their blog, which is full of insightful decorating advice and examples of wonderful interiors.


LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

Driven by the joy she brings into her clients’ lives by creating spaces that perfectly reflect their personalities, LeAnn Bunnell has been a fixture on the Calgary design landscape since 2003, transforming homes into timeless, elegant spaces alongside her skilled team. And if what you’re looking for is to add personality to your rooms without renovating, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors also has a chic online store where you can purchase high-quality, stylish décor items.


Rochelle Cote Interior Design

Focusing primarily on high-end residential design, the team over at Rochelle Cote Interior Design has recently been recognized by Western Living Magazine which chose them as finalists for the “Robert Ledingham Memorial Award for an Emerging Interior Designer.” And a quick glance at the design company’s portfolio will surely make you understand why they fully deserve the shout-out, as RCID’s projects are full of character and each element seems to have been meticulously picked to enhance the overall look and feel of the space.



Servicing Calgary and its surrounding areas, Room4Refinement is a unique project spearheaded by certified (and highly talented) decorator Cat Hackman. What’s unique about it? Cat will not encourage you to discard your furniture when renovating your space; instead, she’ll work with you to first use the furniture and accessories you already own. And the results are pretty amazing, with clients constantly praising Cat’s work and its impact on their lives.


Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Founded in 2005 by Jacqueline Corea and Reena Sotropa, Corea Sotropa Interior Design understands how to perfectly balance function with beauty, creating timeless appeal with a fresh twist. They are widely known and recognized for casually elegant interiors that effortlessly blend classic elements with youthful energy. And their work stands as proof:


Creative Home Decorating

Kim Cameron, the creative mind behind Creative Home Decorating, has a rare gift that lets her take the simplest of décor ingredients and mix and match them with stunning results. Throughout her work, you’ll see countless examples of how she can creatively transform a space – sometimes only by suggesting a more suitable colour scheme or by adding that one elegant, unusual extra that makes a home feel complete.


Form Interiors

Believing that every rooms tells a story and that every person deserves a space that is true to his or her values, Form Interiors works closely with their clients to define a customized design approach. Covering every step of the design process – from millwork design all the way through to the placement of accessories – Form Interiors will keep you updated on their progress at all times through a very handy web-based project management system.


Karen Fron Interior Design

Strong supporters of the very personal nature of interior design, Karen and Debbie are constantly looking for unique, one-of-a-kind materials and elements to enrich the homes of their clients. Through custom and handcrafted pieces and unique designs, Karen Fron Interior Design aims to improve their clients’ lives, one house at a time. And if you’re not yet a client, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from their expertise, as they share a lot of insightful tips on their frequently updated blog. Make sure to check it out!


Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because you may have seen it featured across print and online publications like Western Living, House & Home, Condo Living, Apartment Therapy and even the Calgary Herald. Listed among the leading interior design companies in Calgary, Natalie Fuglestveit is a member of the Interior Designers of Alberta as well as the Interior Designers of Canada.


Bruce Johnson & Associates Interior Design

This Calgary design firm is dedicated to cultivating enduring relationships with their clients – and they do that by creating spaces their clients will feel deeply connected with. With vast expertise ranging from luxury retail to vintage and eclectic interiors, the team over at Bruce Johnson & Associates Interior Design will be quick to adapt to your needs.


Nyla Free Designs

With two decades of interior design experience, Nyla Free’s name is synonymous with creativity and functionality, and her vast portfolio stands as proof. Often praised for her professionalism, positive attitude, and expertise, Nyla Free has also surrounded herself with equally creative people, making Nyla Free Designs a great choice for anyone looking to revamp their interiors.


Amanda Hamilton

Winner of the 2012 Mount Royal University Horizon Award and singled out as “One to Watch” in the 2013 Western Living Designer of the Year Awards, Amanda Hamilton is a star that keeps on rising on the Calgary interior design scene. With enough qualifications to make a Harvard graduate blush, Amanda’s interiors ooze elegance and sophistication. According to her website, Amanda draws inspiration from cultural and social influences like literature, art, music, film, and fashion, which are all purposely woven into her work, providing depth to the design narrative.


Dutch Touch Interiors

Strongly emphasizing the need to make good design available to everyone – because, the way they beautifully put it, “design, like music and art, feeds a portion of our souls”— Dutch Touch Interiors creates personal oases based on each client’s needs and personality. Here are some great before & after photos if you want to get a clearer picture of how much the design firm can elevate your interiors.


Laura Tonopa Interiors

If your interiors are outdated and your budget limited, Laura Tonopa Interiors offers their vast expertise in the form of E-Design, an easy and affordable way to create a beautiful space at your own pace. The design packages include a storyboard, room layout, even a list of where to shop, along with design notes and all other instructions you’ll need to complete your custom design plan. You can even ask for a revision if you’re not completely comfortable with the design.


Rochelle Lynne Design

Because you deserve a home that reflects your success, Rochelle and Mark will work closely with a hand-picked team of professionals to capture your vision and bring it to life. With a carefully thought-out design process meant to both keep you informed at every step of the way and excited to move forward with your design project, Rochelle Lynne Design will assist you with even the most daunting tasks, like budgeting or furniture planning.


Dianna Barry Design

Diana Barry is a talented designer who believes that every space has the potential to become something special. Moreover, she’s constantly sharing her expertise on how to bring out that potential through her incredibly useful blog – which covers every design topic you can think of from lighting, flooring or window treatments to fabulous Friday finds.


Via of Design

Spearheaded by Olivia Horvat, a native European who has spent the past two decades learning what Calgary natives’ style is – and designing interiors to perfectly match that lifestyle – Via of Design is the perfect choice if you’re aiming for an eclectic mix of European and Canadian elegance.


Alykhan Velji Designs

A regular media darling, Alykhan Velji has been featured on shows such as HGTV’s “Designer Superstar Challenge,” “The Style Dept,” City TV’s “My Rona Home” and most recently CTV’s “The Marilyn Denis Show.” His press coverage doesn’t fall much behind either. But don’t let Alykhan’s celebrity status intimidate you, as both he and his company work closely with their clients to create spaces that are original and timeless – and to help them fall in love with their homes again.


Sticks + Stones

“A house and a home are two different things. A house is four walls and a roof, but a home is defined by the feeling you get when you walk in. Let us create that for you.” If that hasn’t convinced you to reach out to Sticks + Stones for your next renovation work, I don’t know what will. Except their impressive portfolio, so make sure you check it out!


Davignon Martin Architecture & Interior Design

Strongly believing that there’s no room for compromise when it comes to your home, Davignon Martin Architecture & Interior Design is an integrated architecture + interior design studio that aims to create buildable modern architecture paired with interiors that last. They serve the Calgary area, as well as Banff and Edmonton.


Dovecote Design

Blending comfort, function, and aesthetics with personal well-being, Dovecote Design helps both home and business owners elevate their spaces. From facelifts to complete re-designs and renovations, Dovecote Design is equally prepared to assist you with full service design or simple plans you can execute yourself.


Kon-strux Developments Inc.

Armed with a skilled team of professional interior designers, project managers and contractors, Kon-strux Developments has been winning industry awards since 2008, including the 2015 SAM Award for Best Bathroom/Ensuite Renovation and Best Renovator’s Choice Renovation –  Log Cabin Exterior; and they also won the 2013 CHBA Calgary Region Award for Best Kitchen Renovation under $89,999.


Interiors With Elegance

Given the impressive number of great reviews, Interiors With Elegance is rightfully promoting itself as Calgary’s most trusted and reliable home renovator. What started as a garage business nearly two decades ago has now grown to become a Consumer Choice Award Winner for Home Improvement and Renovation.


Hopewell Residential

A builder with a superior sense of style, Hopewell Residential lands an honorable mention on our list; and that’s because their designs stand out through their relentless commitment to innovation, a perfect blend of beautiful and functional design, and hyper-personalization of the spaces they create.


David Crosson Design Collective Inc.

Promoting an interior design that not only meets – but exceeds – your expectations, David Crosson and the network of industry professionals he works with will surely cater to your end goal of “living well.” And that’s because he’s backed by two decades of experience in working with avid travelers, arts supporters, pet owners and the philanthropically-minded, people who recognize the value of well-being, have distinctive tastes, and need deeply personalized spaces.


HDMI Designs Inc.

If you want interiors that will wow your neighbors, you should reach out to HDMI Designs. Taking you from concept to reality, this acclaimed Calgary firm delivers high-end designs coupled with first class service, with a mission statement centered on respectful communication, precision delivery, and capable and competent workers – working closely with you to take the stress out of the whole renovation process. Not convinced yet? Check out these cool concept-to-reality slides that shows their vision come to life.


Ann Love Interiors Inc.

“Ann Love is one of the most forward-thinking and energetic interior design people I have ever had the pleasure of working with […] During the project, she used her innovative mind and her personal tenacity to get a very high priority completed on time and on budget.” That flattering testimonial comes from none other than a former Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club President, happy to have had Ann Love redesign and renovate 40 VIP luxury suites. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of person you’d want to tackle your next renovation?


Revolving Rooms Interior Design

If you already have a clear vision of how you’d like your interiors to look – and need a professional team to turn it into reality – Revolving Rooms Interior Design should be at the top of your list. The passionate team will create your design from the ground up (and they will love every step of the process).


Flawless Interiors Inc.

Yup, the design company delivers pretty much what their name promises: Flawless Interiors, with a stylish, family friendly and personal feel. Carrying out the vision of founders Keith and Tracy Fortin, Flawless Interiors approaches its projects with a positive, refreshing energy that not only produces great design, but ensures that clients enjoy the entire process of the design journey. It also has this beautiful online shop that you should check out when considering renovating your rooms.


Have you worked with any of the above interior design firms and want to share your experience? Or maybe you’d like to add your own designer to the list? We’d love to hear from you, so please use the comments section below!

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