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Backyard Decor Ideas for Fall

Backyard Decor Ideas for Fall
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When the humidity breaks and the nights start to get cool, it’s time to think about transitioning your backyard from summer to fall. Instead of packing up your outdoor spaces at the end of the season, why not adapt to the weather? A few easy updates and cozy additions will have you enjoying your yard right through the fall. Try these fabulous backyard decor ideas for fall to make the most of your outdoor spaces this season.  

Add Some Color to Your Backyard Decor

backyard decor with chrysanthemums

Image: stock_studio / Shutterstock.com

If you’re looking for a quick and easy backyard decor idea that makes it look like you put in a lot of effort, chrysanthemums are your secret weapon. Better known as ‘mums,’ these bright fall flowers will add a burst of color to your yard for weeks after everything else has stopped blooming.

Go full-on rainbow and spread a variety of colors around your yard. Or choose a two or three-color palette for a more curated look. Use them in pots on the deck and around the patio, add them to planter boxes, or plant them in gardens to replace plants that are finished for the season.

Backyard Decor Ideas to Help you Get Cozy

cozy backyard decor

Image: Photographee.eu / Shutterstock.com

There’s no need to pack up your outdoor furniture just because the temperature drops. Instead of heading indoors at the end of the season, add some layers to keep enjoying your outdoor spaces well into the fall.

We make our indoor sitting areas cozy for cooler weather with blankets, pillows and area rugs. Your outdoor rooms will benefit from the same treatment. Add outdoor area rugs and thicker seat cushions to help cut the chill. Then pile on heavy faux fur throws for maximum warmth on those crisp fall nights.

Decorate Your Backyard with Fall’s Bounty

autumn decor in backyard

Image: Missarabika / Shutterstock.com

Do you wait all year for sweater weather and pumpkin-spice everything? Then you definitely need to add some fall harvest-inspired decor to your backyard. The great thing about using nature’s bounty to decorate is that it’s a low-cost way to give your yard some fall flair. Plus, you won’t have to store this backyard decor until next year!

Head to your local farmer’s market to pick up a selection of pumpkins and gourds. Save the best pumpkins for carving, then create some fun fall vignettes with the rest. Place them in rustic baskets, add wheat stalks or corn husks and some fall foliage for a quick and easy autumn display. If you’re in need of a bit of extra seating for fall gatherings, lay plaid blankets on hay bales for instant seats you can set up anywhere.

Bring the Heat to Your Backyard

backyard fire pit

Image: Diyana Dimitrova / Shutterstock.com

If you really want to extend your outdoor season, adding a fire feature to your yard is a complete game-changer. Although open fires are not permitted in most urban areas, with all the options for gas and propane-powered fire features, no one needs to be cold in their yard again.

Choose a traditional propane fire pit if you long to host outdoor gatherings around the fire. Or try a convenient fire table if you’re looking to stay cozy with a coffee on chilly fall mornings.

Backyard Decor Ideas for Maximum Spookiness

spooky backyard decor

Image: GingerKitten / Shutterstock.com

Halloween is a great excuse to go all out on backyard decor. For a fun and safe alternative to trick-or-treating, a backyard haunted house is fun for all ages. With a bit of planning and a little DIY, you can turn your backyard into a truly spooktacular outdoor adventure.

Take the time to map out a route through your yard and set up haunting stations along the way. Try hanging sheets to make ghosts, set up a graveyard with faux headstones, and enlist friends to dress as scary characters. Add spooky sounds, flashing lights and a smoke machine to up the scare factor even further.

Light Up Your Fall Nights in the Backyard

lights in the backyard

Image: Photographee.eu / Shutterstock.com

Shorter days are the perfect opportunity to turn your backyard into a twinkling, magical outdoor escape. Light up your fall nights with a combination of candles, lanterns, pathway lights and twinkle lights for just the right ambiance.

Don’t let the end of summer put an end to your time outdoors. These backyard decor ideas for fall will help keep you warm and keep your backyard looking its best!

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