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Accessorizing Your Home Like A Pro: 7 Creative Ideas

Accessorizing Your Home Like A Pro: 7 Creative Ideas
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When it comes to making a room as eye-catching as the ones you see in magazines, it’s all in the accessories. If you can’t quite seem to get that picture-perfect vignette, or maybe you have a room that feels like it’s missing something, don’t worry, all is not lost. You might just need a few pointers to get your accessorizing game in top shape.

It’s not so much about which accessories you choose, but about how you put them together. Here are seven tips to help you accessorize like a pro and make every room look photo-ready.  

Find Items that Speak to You

The first secret to accessorizing your home is to forget about trends and choose items that move you. It’s the personal items that tell stories about your life that are going to give your home character and make it feel your own.

It’s OK to throw in a few trendy items if you absolutely love them.  But be sure to put those family heirlooms and travel souvenirs proudly on display as well.

Pay Attention to Scale

Not understanding scale may be the number one mistake when it comes to accessorizing and decorating. To get scale right, you have to consider the size of the space as well as the size of the accessories. For example, if you hang a small piece of artwork on a large empty wall, it will look lost. Likewise, if you place an oversize vase on a tiny mantel, it will seem out of place on the small surface.

However, if you’re unsure, bigger is usually better. A few large or medium-sized accessories will have more impact than a lot of tiny knick-knacks.

Make Use of Different Textures

Texture brings a space to life. It adds interest, depth and energy to a room.  When accessorizing your home, aim for an explosion of texture in each area to create a big impact.

Imagine a shelf displaying a variety of glass items. It would be pretty, but it would also feel a little one-dimensional. But if you add in contrasting textures such as rough wood or stone, spiky plants and some super soft textiles, suddenly you have an exciting display.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Odd

To get that professionally decorated look, avoid lining up or evenly spacing individual accessories around the room. Instead, create little clusters of objects that work together (designers call these small displays vignettes). For the most attractive arrangements, work with odd numbers. Arranging accessories in groups of three (or five) is always more aesthetically pleasing.

To arrange an odd number of items, form a triangle shape, with the tallest object at the back. You want to choose objects of varying heights, textures, and visual weight for a perfectly balanced vignette. Try pry pairing a tall textured vase with a leafy potted plant and a smooth glass candle to get the right mix.

Think in Layers

You might be surprised at how much better accessories look when they’re stacked, piled, or layered. One picture on a shelf can be a bit boring. But layer a smaller picture and a pretty dish in front of a big frame, and suddenly it pops.  If you want to display a small item, group it with other items on a tray or a stack of books to keep it from looking lost.

Coordinate Your Colors

When arranging accessories on a shelf or around a room, consider the color palette. A few well-placed pops of the same color will create a cohesive look and help draw the eye around the room.  Stick to two or three different colors that coordinate with the color scheme of the room. Then add in some metallics and natural finishes such as wood or stone to create interest.

Build Your Decorating Toolkit

Every designer has a secret stash of decor items that they use time and time again to create pretty vignettes. Finding a few of these go-to-items that you love will help you accessorize like a pro. Here are a few favorites that will take your decor to the next level.

  1. A good tray (or two)
  2. Faux plants and flowers
  3. Pretty coffee table books
  4. Vases of different sizes and textures
  5. Throw pillows that coordinate with your color scheme

Accessories should not only bring a room to life, but it should also tell your story. Try out these seven decorating tips and let us know how it goes!  

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