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8 Ways to Brighten a Dark Home

8 Ways to Brighten a Dark Home
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Whether you’ve been living in your house for years, or are considering buying a new one, a dark home can seem cramped and dingy. However, there are plenty of ways to brighten up the darkness, and open up the space, effectively pushing the four walls back.

So, if you’ve found the perfect house, but the darkness is putting you off, don’t despair! Here are 8 ways you can keep the gloom at bay.

Lighten Up

The first step is to adopt a lighter, brighter colour scheme in rooms that feel too dark. Bold colours may be more you, but they can also make a room appear dimmer. To really brighten up a dark room, white walls are the best, and can make the space seem more open. You don’t have to give up on colour altogether though; just add splashes of your favourites in decorative features, furnishings, and artwork.

If you’re not a fan of bright white, you can always try playing with other colours at the softer end of the spectrum. Alternatively, use bright, or white, decor and artwork on your coloured walls to help reflect the light around the room.

Take Time to Reflect

Dark rooms seem smaller than they are, so try to encourage the light you do have to bounce around the room. The best way to do this, besides using lighter shades on your walls, floors and ceilings, is to add a few mirrors. Not only do mirrors spread the light, but they also reflect the space you have, giving the illusion that it’s much bigger than it actually is.

Bright and Airy Windows

The windows in your dark home should be allowed to let the outside light inside with ease. Make sure that the surrounding space is clear from obstructions, such as bulky furniture on the inside, or overgrown tree branches on the outside. Once you’ve cleared any light blocking obstructions, you might find that your home isn’t so dark after all.

When dressing your windows, opt for high hanging drapes that are made from light, airy materials. Avoid thick, heavy curtains and blinds if you can, and allow natural light to come in, while also providing enough privacy.

Watch Where You Step

Like the walls, light can also bounce off the flooring in your home. By brightening it up with white carpets or rugs, you can make it seem as if your space is expansive.  White carpets and rugs do tend to be a magnet for stains and mess however, so you’ll need to tread carefully! Alternatively, why not swap out the flooring for white/pale hardwood floors, or even pale laminate designs.

White Lights

One quick and easy trick to brighten a dark home is to replace any yellow light bulbs with white ones. This can make an amazing difference for minimal cost and effort, with the white light glowing brighter and reaching further into your rooms.

Stay Clutter-Free

This next trick will cost you nothing, except a little care and attention. Dark rooms appear smaller, so avoid filling them clutter and cutting down what space you do have. Keep your home tidy, and stay clutter-free by ensuring everything has its place. Large, bulky items such as jackets and spare bedding, in particular, should be hidden out of sight in order to maximize your space.

Slim and Sleek Furniture

Choose your furniture wisely to ensure you make the most of your space. When working with a darker room, it’s better to avoid larger, stuffy pieces of furniture, and instead, go for slim and sleek pieces. A huge, fluffy couch might look inviting in the showroom, but in your dark home, it’s unlikely to make that same impression.

Aim for lightweight furniture instead, choosing lighter colours to help spread the light around the room. Tables and chairs made from pale woods such as beech or maple are excellent choices, and keeping them natural rather than stained dark, can help keep the dimness at bay.

Bounce the Light

Finally, and perhaps the most obvious fix for a dark home, add more light sources! However, go about this carefully, as you want to spread the light around rather than concentrate it in one area. Wall sconces and floor lamps are both excellent choices and help light up different areas of the room without relying solely on one main light.

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