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7 DIY Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

7 DIY Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Look More Luxurious
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When the time comes to sell your house, you’ve got some very important choices to make. If you want to sell it on the open market or for sale by owner, you’re going to need to make sure it’s presented in the best way possible. The better your property looks, the more likely you are to sell it at the price you’re looking to get. If you’re considering selling your home—or you just want to give it a fresh look—here are seven DIY upgrades that will make your home look more luxurious.

Upgrade Your Paint Scheme

Among many other home improvements that can increase your home’s value, one really easy way to up your home’s look from lame to luxurious is by giving it a fresh coat of deluxe paint up in all the rooms. According to Zach Tetley, a house flipper from Nexus Homebuyers: 

Forget about white or eggshell—that’s basic. You want to think about how to take your walls to the next level. That means splurging out on something with a bit of gloss (which still won’t run you into too much money). But where you can really take things to the next level is by thinking beyond just a solid coat or two of the same color.

Different techniques such as rectangles, striping, and textured finishes will make it look like you’ve hired a professional to remake the home’s entire aesthetic. Most of these techniques are easy enough to learn and you can probably remake the look and feel of your entire house over the course of a weekend.

It’s Wood Trim Time

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look and feel of any room is to add moldings and trim to the walls. It adds depth and character and can help contrast with a painted wall to really make it pop. Baseboards start to tell the story of any room, providing a framework for everything else.

A nice touch if you have hardwood floors is to consider shoe molding as well. Doorway casings should follow suit to complete the vision and protect walls. Finally, a great crown molding can take a regular room and make it look downright regal. Less is more with this stylish feature and it’s easy to overdo it, so think about your proportions before you start.

Sort Out Your Cabinets

The older a home gets, the more wear and tear your kitchen cabinets are going to show. Years of opening and closing, kicks, dents, scratches, and marks add up and leave you with a collection of cabinets that just don’t measure up any more.

So, you’ve got two choices in order to bring those cabinets back to glory. The first is to give them a new coat of paint—with a little sanding, priming and brushing, you could have them looking brand new by the end of the weekend. The other option is to replace or upgrade your existing cabinets. You can start with replacing knobs and fixtures to see what effect that has, or you can swap out the old doors for new ones.

Time for Counter-Intelligence

Just like the cabinets, your kitchen and bathroom counters can take a beating. So it might be the perfect time to upgrade them. You don’t have to go crazy if you don’t want to. Depending on the type of counter, a fresh coat of paint might do the trick. You can make them look like they used to or change things up with a bold new color. You could also take things to the next level by skim-coating counters with an Ardex concrete product, which gives the look of concrete without using the actual stuff. Other options include creating your own tile counter or adding a butcher block countertop.

Get Comfy in the Bathroom

There’s something to be said for adding comfortable features to the bathroom that really take the entire experience up to the next level. Want to make guests say “wow!” when they enter the room?

Install a towel warmer and drape it with colorful towels. You can easily add either a freestanding or wall-mounted version without going crazy on your budget. Make sure you understand the electrical aspect of the product before doing this. Also, while you’re at it, upgrade those towels as well.

Create More Space (Or the Illusion Thereof)

It doesn’t sound very DIY to say you should knock out your ceilings in order to make the space bigger, but there are DIY ways to provide the illusion of higher ceilings, thereby adding a grand and exciting feel to a space. The easiest way to do this is by raising your window treatments. You can do this without spending a fortune by adding fabric to existing panels.

Another way to add the notion of space to your home is by adding mirrors. Strategically placed mirrors can reflect the room back to you and your guests, making it appear to be much larger than it is. It’s a bit of a trick but it does wonders in making everything seem a bit more spacious and increasing the luster of everything already in the room.

Use Your Bookshelf for Non-Book Items

You know that bookshelf that you’ve loaded with books and magazines collected over the years? It’s due for a makeover. Clear out most of the books and send the ones you really don’t need to storage. Now, let’s fill in that empty space with things like framed photos, decorative pillows, small pieces of art, plants, and anything else that might give off a rather more classy message than that stack of Sports Illustrated magazines!

These DIY upgrades can help your home have a more luxurious feel without breaking your budget. Whether you are planning on making upgrades for your own benefit, or you are planning on selling your house, these 7 DIY upgrades will make your home look more luxurious.


Matt Bigach is the co-founder of Nexus Homebuyers, a real estate investing company and Reibar Marketing, a digital marketing company for real estate investors. He has been investing in real estate since 2015 and has been a part of rehabs, new construction, single family and multi-family rentals, and development in multiple markets throughout the United States.

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