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7 Cozy Log Cabin Decor Ideas

by Cristina Oprean
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Going back to basics is becoming an increasingly popular temptation. Leaving the big city behind and enjoying the natural comforts of the countryside is a fantastic way to unwind. A log cabin epitomizes that escape to nature, and if you’re planning to build or buy your own, you’ll need to think about how best to decorate it. With that in mind, here are some ideas to get you started.

Cozy Rustic

rustic log cabin interior

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The classic rustic log cabin decor will always be an oldie but goldie. The emphasis is on natural materials, with wood being the centerpiece of your design. From hardwood flooring to wood paneling and even exposed beams, its color and texture will instantly make your cabin feel warm — and that’s before you even start the fire in your fireplace. Curtains and valances, throw pillows, sheepskins, colorful carpets, and solid but comfortable furniture help complete the picture. If you want to give things a modern spin, an open floor plan is an excellent middle-ground, creating the illusion of space without detracting from the cozy vibe.

Modern & Contemporary

modern rustic log cabin decor

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The modern log cabin aims to take the traditional look and give it a contemporary spin using high-end appliances and finishing touches. Combining a rustic look with the latest technology may seem like a clash of styles, yet it works remarkably well. The trick is finding the balance between old and new. Of course, you’ll want to keep natural materials such as wood and stone as the core of your design, but spice things up with floor-to-ceiling windows, sleek furniture, vaulted ceilings, geometric patterns, bold colors and strategically placed appliances. In the end, you’ll be surprised at how well a flat-screen TV looks mounted above your fireplace.

Old School Western

If you grew up watching the Little House on the Prairie, you probably remember just how cozy a Western-style farmhouse can look. It’s also a decor idea that applies very well to log cabins. This look hinges on a mix of cozy but functional, as well as a selection of Western-inspired decorations. Exposed wooden beams, a brick fireplace, leather sofas and armchairs, open cabinets, shiplap and barn-style sliding doors are just some of the elements to get you started. Throw in a couple of buffalo check fabric, a cowhide rug, copper cookware, a decorative wagon wheel and even a wooden ‘saloon’ sign, and you’re all set.

The Hygge Aesthetic

hygge log cabin decor

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Warm, safe, intimate, cozy, soothing in its simplicity and celebrating the comfort to be found in the little things. Not only do these features paint a perfect picture of what a log cabin should be, but they are also the core principles behind the Danish concept of hygge. Natural materials, warm colors, soft lighting, scented candles and heaps of pillows and blankets will help give your log cabin a veritable Scandinavian vibe. Don’t forget about the kitchen and a spacious and inviting dining room. Conviviality is a core element of hygge, and nothing creates a feeling of togetherness quite like sharing a home-cooked meal with friends and family.

Boho Chic

boho log cabin decor

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With its casual, ethnic and vintage elements, the bohemian or boho chic style is the perfect choice if you want a log cabin that strays from a conventional look. The rules are simple: aim for a mix of natural materials and rustic touches, then give the place an eclectic vibe using colorful patterns, ethnic accessories and your proudest thrift shop finds. Of course, repurposed furniture, exotic souvenirs and antiques are a must but remember to keep things casual by using floor cushions, wicker chairs, light garlands and whimsically placed decorations.

Hunting Lodge

The hunting lodge decor is a fantastic choice if you want a log cabin that combines an elegant look with the feeling of living in a remote mountain retreat. Wood is the central element of this design, from flooring to wall paneling, but it’s the nature-themed decorations that elevate the space. Paintings of wildlife, leaf-patterned rugs and window dressings, driftwood, stone trays and hunting accessories are just a few examples. Luckily, there’s plenty of faux antlers and taxidermy to pick from, so you don’t have to engage in any actual hunting to decorate your cabin.

The Hobbit House

Ever since The Lord of the Rings films hit the big screen, hobbit houses have taken interior design by storm with a new approach to cozy and simple living. And you don’t even have to build a house under a hill to steal this look: hobbit home decor and log cabins are a match made in heaven. Few things create the image of simple comfort as rounded wood beams and doors, large armchairs you can practically sink into, red and orange hues and tall bookshelves. Add some plush carpets, ornate candle holders and a stone fireplace merrily burning in the corner, and you’ve got an enchanting place to relax in.

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