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6 Stylish & Functional Folding Door Design Ideas

6 Stylish & Functional Folding Door Design Ideas
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There was a time when folding doors were just for closets. But now that we’re all looking for ways to make our homes more flexible, folding doors are finding new life. Along with their newfound popularity, folding doors are also becoming more stylish.

Whether you’re looking for your next DIY or are about to embark on a renovation, it’s time to consider how folding doors can improve your home. Here are six folding door design ideas to help you make the most of your space.

1.      Get a Better View of Your Closet

If you have a closet with sliding doors, you might be tired of only being able to see half your clothes at a time. Replacing those unattractive sliding doors with new bi-fold doors will finally give you the whole picture. Folding doors are also a good option to replace a standard size door that cuts into the room when open.

And don’t worry about those plain builder-grade folding doors you might be picturing. You’ve actually got a lot of options when it comes to bi-fold closet doors. From rustic unfinished wood to modern shaker panels, tropical louvers or industrial metal and glass, there are bi-fold doors for almost every style.

If you’ve already got folding doors, but they’re plain and boring, take them up a notch with some paint. Match them to your walls for an on-trend look, then add some new hardware and it’ll feel like a whole new space.

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2.      Close Off an Open Space

Now that we’re all doing pretty much everything at home, there are times we could use a little separation from our housemates. And with today’s open concept homes, a space of your own can sometimes be hard to find. But with the addition of a well-placed folding door, you can quickly turn one room into two.

A folding glass door is a perfect solution when you want the option for privacy but still love the bright and airy feel of an open-concept space. Perhaps you want to close off the dining room from the family room to create a quiet workspace during the day. Or you can make an easy access nursery by separating a sitting room from the principal bedroom.

3.      Or Open Things Up

On the other hand, many older homes feature many separate rooms that cause living spaces to feel closed off from one another. Adding a large folding door between rooms can help connect areas without compromising structure or character. To improve flow, try opening a formal dining room to the kitchen with a pair of large folding doors.

4.      Turn a Closet into A Room

Do you dream of moving the laundry out of the kitchen? Or maybe you have a kid that could really use a quiet place for learning at home. With a little creativity and a set of folding doors, you can transform an ordinary closet into a functional room.

5.      Create Indoor-Outdoor Flow

bifold dorrs to patio

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Perhaps one of the most exciting uses for folding doors is connecting indoor and outdoor living spaces. Since we rarely spend enough time outside, the ability to open your home to the outdoors can be life-changing. Your interior will feel bigger, the air inside will be fresher, and you’ll be able to take full advantage of every beautiful spring and summer day.

A full wall of folding glass panels will create a seamless connection between the indoors and out. And new panoramic sliding doors give you the option to open one, some or all of the panels. This allows you more control over ventilation and traffic flow.

6.      Replace Your Barn Doors

Barn doors were all the rage just a few short years ago. But they’re starting to look a little dated, and they really aren’t all that practical. If you’re looking for a door that covers a large opening and is more soundproof than a barn door, folding doors are the perfect solution.

Whether you want to connect a room, close off a space or open your home to the outdoors, folding doors are a stylish and practical choice.

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