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6 Style Tips to Take from Airbnb Hosts

6 Style Tips to Take from Airbnb Hosts
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6 Style Tips to Take from Airbnb Hosts

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More and more homeowners are joining the world of Airbnb. The trend of staying in rental rooms instead of typical hotels surfaced a few years ago and hasn’t slowed down since.

Looking for local rentals has become one of the most popular ways for people to find a place to stay while they’re away from home and has opened new opportunities for homeowners to make some extra cash.

Thinking about renting out space in your home through Airbnb? Make sure it’s ready for guests to arrive by checking out these style tips. They’ll help you make a welcoming space that will leave you with high ratings and repeat guests.

  1. Provide More Storage Space

One of the downfalls of staying in a hotel room is that people often find they don’t have enough space. The closets are tiny, the drawers aren’t deep enough and sometimes the bathroom doesn’t have any actual shelving.

Storage space is crucial to travelers, especially those traveling with multiple family members. Some may not unpack everything all at once but having the option to put things away will make them feel more at home during their stay.

Think about providing more storage space in the room you plan to rent. Invest in a furniture suite that includes a dresser and side tables, or use inexpensive storage options like:

  • Hanging shoe organizer
  • Plastic closet drawers
  • Under-the-bed drawers

Every little storage addition will make your guests that much more comfortable.

  1. Decorate with the Season

Traditional hotels often fail to decorate seasonally, which ends up turning guests away. During the winter holidays there might be a tree, a wreath, or some lights in the lobby, but the rooms look the same year after year.

This is partly because hotels have so many rooms to work with, but you can use this to your advantage in your home.

Decorate with the season and more guests will fall in love with your rental space. You don’t need a huge budget to do this, either.

Here are some simple decorating ideas you can start with to transform your Airbnb listing:

  • Hang pictures of flowers in the spring.
  • Incorporate refreshing blues in the summer.
  • Set up fake pumpkins and orange leaves in the fall.
  • Use a heavy comforter with red and gold colors in the winter.

A figurine or two on a dresser or a decorative throw pillow could be what your rental space is missing to make it more in tune with the season.

  1. Freshen up Your Walls

When was the last time you painted your rental room? It may be time to freshen up the walls to give your listing a new look.

The most significant way to transform how your room looks is to paint it a new color. Consider more modern hues like light blues or creams for a clean, crisp look. You may require multiple coats of paint if the walls were previously a darker color.

You can also add to your walls with decals or wallpaper. Rustic or older homes will work wonderfully with wallpaper, especially if people will be traveling to your area to explore a historic landmark or district.

  1. Search for Antiques

Hotel rooms can often feel cold and sterile to visitors because they’re so cookie-cutter. There’s nothing welcoming about them, but you can solve that problem in your home with the right antiques.

Antiques already feel like they’ve lived a full life. They have the look and feel of something treasured, which makes their placement in your home an outstanding addition. Guests will feel like welcomed friends or family members instead of lines in a long list of customers.

Search for antiques in thrift stores near you to find what looks right in your rental room. There will be plenty of knickknacks, decorative pillows, blankets and other accent pieces to choose from that will match any interior design.

  1. Use Ambient Lighting

Lighting has a significant effect on a living space. Imagine your living room, but when you flick on the lights you only have the fluorescent bulbs of hospital lighting.

Your room would look much too bright for a place that’s supposed to be relaxing, which is another reason people choose to rent a space on Airbnb. Hotel lighting tends to be harsh and not as welcoming as the floor lamps or ceiling fixtures of an actual home.

Check to see if your rental space has ambient lighting. Try out different types of bulbs to measure their effect on the room. The lighting should make everyone feel right at home while also looking like it belongs. Don’t try to force some giant light fixture into a small bedroom. Find the right size and strength of lighting fixtures for what you’re working with.

  1. Put out Fresh Flowers

Nothing says thoughtfulness quite like fresh flowers. They’re a cherished gift all around the world for a reason. People love to look at them and smell them. They instantly make a space feel cared about by the people in charge, which is why you should order some before guests arrive.

Bouquets in colors that match the room or grow locally in your state will help guests relax and feel at ease in your space. If flowers aren’t your thing, think about filling your space with low maintenance plants. Guests love a natural touch, and with so many plants out there with benefits like purifying the air, they will serve multiple purposes at once.

It’s worth noting some people are allergic to flowers, even common ones like daisies and lilies. Stick with hypoallergenic arrangements with flowers like hydrangeas and hostas to avoid triggering any allergies.

Take a Quick Poll

You may have lived in the same home for so long that it’s hard to imagine styling your rental room any differently. To get some extra help, ask your friends and family to come over to look at the room you plan to list. Ask for their opinions on how you can make the space more inviting or if you could decorate differently.

Keep your mind open to new possibilities, and you’ll find style tips that will amaze the guests who come to stay with you.

This is a guest post by Kacey Bradley, the blogger behind The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us.

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