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6 Ideas to Personalize Your Home

6 Ideas to Personalize Your Home
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How do you make a house a home? Having bought a new home, you may be wondering exactly how you can put your stamp on it and make it truly yours. Whether you’re thinking minor upgrades or interior design tweaks, there are several traditional methods you can use; but if you want something a little more up to date, check out the following 6 ideas.

Decorate Your Hobbies

A person’s hobbies say a lot about them and reveal another side that may be hidden outside of the home. Your hobbies can also be used to decorate your home and it really doesn’t matter what it is, even if it’s not arty or crafty. Keen orienteers for example, may use framed maps and compasses to decorate their office, while the avid home brewer could place brewing equipment and tools on display for all to ponder at.

Music makers can use instruments, sheet music, posters or framed vinyl records to make their house their home. For those arty, crafty hobbies, such as painting or giant knitting, unleash your creations and display them proudly for all to see. In the case of knitting, why not create blankets and throws that you can actually use about the house?


Life is made up of experiences and the things you pick up along the way each carry a story. Such knick-knacks shouldn’t be tucked away in some dark corner, gathering dust. Instead, use them to decorate your home. While some objects may be designed for decoration – ornate rugs, drapes and statues picked up in far off lands – there are plenty more things you might pick up on your travels that don’t seem likely candidates.

With a little imagination, anything can be used as decor and souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes. From treasured airplane, train or boat tickets, to the jewelry you wore in a special culture or the seashells you gathered while walking on that amazing beach, all can be transformed and used to add depth to the decor in your home.

Personal Palette

Everyone has a color that best suits their personality, and this can be used to splash a bit of yourself into your home. Whether you go all out and paint your entire house pink, or you just add subtle touches here and there, using your favorite colors around the home certainly gives it personality.

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors if they’re your thing, although if you’re planning to sell shortly, you may be better off restraining yourself! Similarly, monochrome can look fantastic. Either way, your palette is not restricted to wall colors alone. Use shades of your chosen colors across furniture, covers, rugs and decor to build up a palette that screams you.

Perfect Prints

It’s easy to drop by the store and pick up a pack of generic prints with which to decorate your walls, but if you’d prefer something more personal, you may have to look harder. Seek out the artwork that defines you and your family. Animal lover? Then choose prints of your favorite animals. If you’re one with nature, perhaps make your own natural prints from dried leaves, flowers or feathers – this is, after all, one of the new autumn trends.

For those with artistic tendencies, what better place to display your work than your own walls? And why stop at prints? In your home, the wall can be your canvas and is ideal for creating murals or even tapestries.

A Growing Photo Album

Almost every home has a family photo album, a chunky leather-bound book filled with photos from years past. While the modern world has gone digital, you can still pay homage to this tradition by creating a growing photo album that spreads throughout your home. Framed photos of important events and people in your life look great adorning the walls or surfaces, but why limit yourself to the living room?

Tell a story with your photo display, crossing through each room of your home, adding new photos as they occur. Alternatively, make use of digital photo frames to display a variety of photos. These are easy to update, and you can even change them weekly to tell a different story or focus on a different person.

Custom Tableware

A family that eats together gets fat together – or something along those lines. The kitchen and dining room are the hub of many a home and can be the ideal place to add some personal touches. Custom made dishes with your favorite sayings, paintings or personal photos on them are a great idea, while personalized mugs and glasses can capture everyone’s character.

Additionally, coasters, place mats and napkins can all be used to great effect and can be tailored to fit your personality. For the extra personal touch, get crafty with a little DIY and make your own.

With a little out of the box thinking, the possibilities are endless!

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