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5 Interior Design Considerations when Buying a House

5 Interior Design Considerations when Buying a House
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Why is it that some people can see the real potential in a house, while no one else would even consider visiting it? Interior designers have an eye that moves past the imperfections of a home, to see all that can be. Check out some of their tips for spotting hidden gems.

The Invaluable Natural Light

It is important to understand that architects and interior designers think of natural light as a design element in a room or a house. Unless you make big changes to the structure of the house, you will not be able to brighten a room significantly. In other words, natural light is priceless.

However, with the help of some decoration tips and tricks, there are a few ways to make the most of the natural light you do have. By using neutral color palettes on your walls and ceilings, you can make a room look and feel more spacious, while airy curtains and drapes can add to this feeling. Some well-placed mirrors will also enhance your space, making the light bounce, creating the impression of boundless rooms.

The Unique Charm of the Past

Here is something you cannot create: the character of an old home! It is a great challenge to bring out the best in old properties, but the result is often breathtaking.

Of course, when you visit an old home, make sure to check the integrity of the overall structure and the walls. If repairs are needed, you can ask for the advice of an expert, who will be able to give you some idea of the possible costs.  To be fully honest, restoring an ancient property can be expensive. Pay special attention to issues like leaking roofs, foundation problems, or water damage, which is the worst enemy. To prevent unwanted surprises, assemble a team of experienced professionals to help you before deciding to buy.

Next, search for the elements of the home that give it undeniable charm: beautiful molding, trim and door details, beams, old, hardwood floors. Even the imperfections of an old house can add soul and make it more beautiful. When considering an old house, though, you will have to embrace its quirks and irregularities and resist the temptation to transform it into a 21st century-style home.

Another possible advantage that comes with an old property is the fact that it might come with an already mature landscape. You won’t have to wait for years for your trees, bushes, and decorative plants to really get used to the environment and start thriving.

The Volume of the Home

Even though one can give the impression of space using various decluttering tricks or optical illusions, the volume and overall size of the rooms should be considered when buying a home. Indeed, a high ceiling can be an important architectural advantage that makes the home a unique place, but make sure the rooms are big enough to meet your needs. Think about storage necessities as well as your preferred furniture and lighting options.

Tuning Out the Background Noise

When visiting a property, it is important to pay attention to the types and level of noise, whether it is from traffic or some noisy neighbors. If you can, plan visits at different hours during the work week, as well as the weekend. You know your limits, and it’s better to be prepared than to have an unpleasant surprise.

Windows to the Outside

When checking the windows, it is very important to make sure you like the actual view. Is the house overlooking the front garden, the busy street or a neighbor’s grey, boring wall (or even a window)? Indeed, a house with a duller view might have a lower asking price, but make sure you can live with that. Of course, when you’re searching for your next home, it might be a stretch to ask for privacy and a bit of green, but don’t give up on the idea too soon.

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget about location. This is one of the most important factors when considering the resale value of a property. Some statistics regarding the schools, childcare centers, transit scores, and crime rates will help you make a better and more informed decision when considering the location of your future home.

Keeping these considerations in mind when house hunting will help you land a home with great potential. Use these tips to look at a home through the eyes of a designer to spot the house that will become your home. Also, don’t forget to comment below to share your tips for finding promising houses!

This is a guest post by Zü Design & Architecture, an interior design and architecture agency specializing in residential, commercial and corporate development in Quebec.

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