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5 Great Ideas for Your Attic

by Andra Hopulele
4 min. read


More often than not, the attic unfairly becomes the designated storage space for all those things you can’t fit anywhere else. Christmas decorations, old books and outdated heirlooms all lurk among the cobwebs and shadows! 

However, attics come in all shapes and sizes and, as such, can be suitable for a wide range of uses. We’ve taken a look at 5 great ideas for your attic below, so if you want to breathe new life into and redesign this unique room, read on.

A Studio Apartment

If your home is blessed with a fairly large, spacious attic, you may well consider converting it into a studio apartment. This could become the realm of your teenage kids and a great opportunity for a bit of independence. Alternatively, you may wish to reserve it for visitors, or even rent it out as a standalone property, either temporarily, on platforms such as AirBnb, or more permanently.

Depending on space, you might install a small bathroom and kitchenette alongside the living and sleeping area. Ideal for young couples, attic apartments are increasingly popular and can be a fantastic way to earn a little extra cash. Such a bold undertaking requires strict adherence to regulations and building codes, so be sure to consult a professional.

A Secret Storage Space

If you’re finding your home is becoming cluttered, transforming your attic into an organized storage space can be an excellent, space-saving solution. We’re not talking about simply boxing everything up and stashing it away up there however! There are far more efficient options.

The attic should be cleared out completely, well-lit and made easy to access. Now you can start implementing a number of smart storage solutions, using the space you have to your advantage. The angled walls of the eaves make excellent spaces for sliding clothes cupboards, with smaller items such as shoes sitting at the back, while larger items can hang on a rail at the front.

Swinging ceiling cupboards are also an effective space-saving solution and can be used for a variety of items. Rather than fitting a simple railing around the stairs, use this space for even more cupboards, and stash old books and other items away.

A Functional Workspace

The appeal of the attic is that it offers a cozy space away from the hubbub of the rest of the home. As such, it’s the ideal space to hide away and work on your hobbies, projects or simply for working from home. From studies and offices, to music studios and workshops, the attic provides a perfect area to work in a variety of fields.

It doesn’t end there either. You can branch out and use your attic to house a side business. Attics can be excellent for yoga classes, or if you have really lofty ambitions, why not install a climbing wall? Going down the more traditional route, you could also convert a larger attic into a multi-person office space that can be rented out to startups who struggle to afford commercial rent.

An Entertainment Hub

When you have friends over, it’s always great to be able to offer something a little different from drinks in the living room. If your attic is sitting empty, it could become the ideal entertainment hub, a fantastic place for guests and family alike. Creating a home cinema is a great idea, but you might also add games consoles or a pool or Foosball table.

Really wow your guests by installing a large skylight from which you can gaze upon the stars or enjoy the sound of the rain drumming against the glass. Alternatively, create a social hub with a bar, cozy seating and a juke box or vinyl player.

A Kid’s Hideaway

Smaller attics with low ceilings make excellent kids’ bedrooms and provide a small place they can call their own. Whether you have your own little ones, or a large extended family that frequently visits, transforming the attic into a kid’s room is a great idea. You can even add in hidden, fold-away beds for sleepovers.

As kids grow older, it’s inevitable that they’ll begin to crave their own space, so another idea is to provide older kids with a little independence. The attic is a great place to escape to every now and then, and can become a peaceful place to finish homework, or a secret hideaway to hang out with friends.

So, if your attic is in need of some care and attention, there are a lot of ways to transform it into the perfect paradise your home deserves. From making a little extra cash by renting it out as a studio or office, to creating an awesome space for you or the kids, with a little work, your attic can do it all!

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