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5 Easy Ways to Get Good Feng Shui at Home

5 Easy Ways to Get Good Feng Shui at Home
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You’ve probably already rearranged the furniture, redecorated and painted your home till now. Or at the very least, you’ve thought about it. If you’re looking for the next improvement to make your home an even better place to live, learn, work and play, perhaps it’s time to give it some good energy.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that believes we must be in harmony with nature and our environment in order to live our best life. It might sound confusing, but these five simple steps will help you get good feng shui at home.

How Do You Feng Shui at Home?

The practice of feng shui involves arranging our interior spaces to create balance and harmony with the natural world. There are many different aspects of feng shui, and to understand them all fully would require extensive study.

But there are a few principles that you can easily incorporate into your home. The way you position the furniture, the colors you use and what you keep (or don’t keep) in a space can all improve the energy in that room.

Don’t Keep What You Don’t Love

It turns out Marie Kondo was onto something. The “spark joy” method of decluttering your home is actually in line with good feng shui. Consider that every object in your home is a vessel of energy, some good and some bad. To eliminate negative energy from your home, you should eliminate those objects with negative energy.

If an item makes you happy or helps make life easier, it has positive energy. Broken or unused items and those that are linked to bad memories have negative energy. So, let go of anything that reminds you of a bad time in your life and keep those pretty things that make you smile.

Good Feng Shui Starts at the Front Door

Your front door is not only the first thing people see when they come to visit, it’s also how energy enters your home. Known as the “mouth of qi,” your front door is believed to be the portal for all life force energy according to feng shui principles.

To invite good energy into your home, make sure the porch and foyer are brightly lit and the area is free of clutter. And never place a mirror facing the front door. A mirror facing the door will reflect good energy and push it back out of the house.

Get More Sleep by Applying Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Good feng shui is also essential in the bedroom since it’s where we rest, recharge and heal. There are a few key practices to ensure your bedroom has a positive energy flow. Most importantly, you want to place your bed in the command position – the spot furthest from the door but not directly across from it. This allows you to see the door and puts you in the best position to handle whatever comes into your life.

You should also remove any items that you keep under the bed. While it may be tough to lose this valuable storage space, items under your bed trap bad energy where it can affect you most. You want the space to be open to allow good qi to flow.

Improve Your Career with Feng Shui in the Office

Who doesn’t need more positive energy at work? Applying feng shui principles to your office space can help draw successful energy in. Like with the bedroom, start by placing your desk in the command position. Having your desk in this location puts you in control of your career and allows you to see all available opportunities.

Add live plants to encourage growth in your career. This is one time when faux plants won’t cut it. Living plants symbolize the wood element, which promotes growth, strength and new beginnings. For even more positive energy, place a plant in the far-left corner of the room to activate the wealth corner of the space.

Get Good Feng Shui All Around the House

Feng shui is all about letting positive energy in and allowing it to flow through your house. To ensure your home is bright and welcoming, always keep the windows clean. To encourage energy flow, always keep interior doors open and ensure they are functioning properly. Lastly, eliminate obstacles that block any pathway in your home. If you have to walk around a piece of furniture, it’s also blocking the energy flow.

You could spend years learning all the intricacies of feng shui. But these simple ways to create good feng shui at home will set you on the right path.

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