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The 5 Best Perks of Building a New Home

The 5 Best Perks of Building a New Home
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5 Best Perks of Building a Home

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You’ve been on the hunt for a new home, and it seems like it’s never going to end because the options are endless. Each home you’ve looked at is missing something and is not quite what you want.

So this is when you finally make up your mind: you are going to build a brand new home. You’re ready and it’s time. You’ve even started doing a bit of research.

Building a new home comes with a ton of perks! You get to choose it all—you get to personalize it and make it yours. There are many reasons why building your own home could be the right thing for you, but first, check out the five best perks of building instead of buying!

  1. It’s All Custom

As already mentioned, you get to choose everything—from countertops to flooring to new appliances, it’s all you. You won’t have to deal with someone else’s tasteless wallpaper or old carpet. You get to customize everything. You even get to choose the layout. Do you want two bathrooms or three? How many bedrooms do you want? Does a finished basement sound good? It’s all based on your decisions, priorities, and budget. Also, you can look forward to selecting new furniture for the living spaces.

You will also be the first to live in your new digs. That bathtub will be brand new! That kitchen will have all the latest appliances—chosen by you. When it’s all done, you’ll get to live the life you want in the home you built and decorated the way you wanted.

  1. You Can Opt for Energy Efficient Systems

Since everything is new, you’ll have the possibility to choose the latest in energy efficient systems. The costs of buying an older home can add up, especially when it comes to monthly bills. Older HVAC systems can increase your expenses. With newer and more efficient systems, you can save money at the end of each month.

  1. You Save Money & Time

Some have to house-hunt for 6 months to a year before finding a home they really and truly love. In that amount of time, you could have your brand new home ready—and move into it.

Plus, you won’t have to deal with renovations or repairs after the fact. These can also drag on for years (or, sometimes, you just never get around to them). Renovations can also end up costing you more than you intended. With a new home, you get what you want right off the bat. It’s low maintenance and you won’t have to replace the roof or anything else for many years to come.

  1. There is Potential for Environmentally Friendly Options

Today, it’s more important than ever that we make decisions with the environment in mind. We’ve abused it in the past and continue to pollute nature and harm ourselves in the process.

But with new energy-efficient systems and new construction, you have the option to use environmentally friendly materials. You also reduce your carbon footprint with more energy-efficient systems in place. Every little bit counts!

  1. You Get to Be Part of the Process!

It’s fun to choose your countertops, flooring, layout, and new appliances. It’s exciting to check in and see if the foundation has been laid down yet. You get to be involved in the development of your home—something you definitely won’t get with an older resale property.

If you think you’re ready, come up with a budget. Make a list of priorities—decide which things you are willing to compromise on and which you aren’t. Scout out potential homebuilders. Meet with different companies and find one that best suits your needs and your style. And don’t forget to consider where your home is built. While what’s inside matters, the location of your home matters just as much. Do you need a gym or a grocery store close by? What are your preferences?

Start building your dream home. And begin making new memories that you’ll hold on to for years to come!

This is a guest post by Jeff Fung, project manager for Forever Homes, a luxury home builder in London, Ontario.

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