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4 Great Design Trends to Try This Autumn

4 Great Design Trends to Try This Autumn
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As the summer heat wanes and the autumn chill begins to creep in, many of us will start seeking the shelter of home. Autumn is a fantastic time to try out some new interior design trends, transforming your home in a cozy hideaway as the days shorten and the temperatures drop. 

From the bold to the humble, there are some superb trends to get into this autumn, with something for everyone. Read on to discover 4 of this year’s hottest trends for this beautiful, transitional season. Whether you go all out or simply add a touch here and there is entirely up to you!

Black and Tan

Black may not sound like the warmest of colors to brighten up those smoky autumn days, but there’s no doubting that black is back. But rather than drowning your home in blacks, use it sparingly against a lighter palette. Black furniture features and decor all work great and really highlight the softer colors they’re paired with. The best thing is that black works with almost any color scheme, so it’s an easy trend to get into!

If black isn’t your thing and you prefer bright rooms and spaces, you can go for more earthy colors; these are also in this autumn. Homely tans, maples and terracotta are becoming increasingly popular and evoke popular autumnal smells and memories, such as pumpkins, cinnamon and dried leaves. Bring the outside in by using natural elements to create simple but stunning prints.

Rugged and Rustic

Artisan handicrafts and heavy textures are another popular trend this autumn and can be seen throughout numerous homes. Heavy, exposed grain, wooden furniture is a beautiful touch and works well for kitchen or bathroom surfaces and dining tables alike. Earthy, woodland colors work best – think berries and bark and, of course, don’t forget the pumpkins!

It’s not just about how it looks though; the texture is important too. Wicker baskets, wooden chopping boards, clay crockery and heavy hemp rugs compliment the raw wood and earthy colors fantastically and add layers to your home. Giant knitting is another plus, working well for bedding and couches, as well as complimenting linen drapes. Finally, prints and decorations featuring woodland animals are a perfect finishing touch, with badgers, hares and foxes adding an element of fun to the overall look.

In the Pink

Autumn is a time for color and texture, and pinks are an increasingly popular choice for both walls and furnishings alike. Moody, dusty pink wallpaper or paint lends a touch of brightness without going over the top. Such shades of pink work exceptionally well with metallic grays, so consider these for furnishings and fixtures. Alternatively, darker neutrals also bring out the best that pink has to offer.

It’s worth layering different shades of pink throughout a given room. For example, a pale pink couch looks great with darkening cushions or covers, matched with a beautifully textured pink rug. Pink shades are also a great way to bring a little extra warmth into your home this autumn.

Neo Nordic

The Scandinavian influence is nothing new, with sleek, simplistic designs catching the attention of designers around the world. However, this autumn, why not step things up a notch with a Neo Nordic style? Featuring pale blond wood furniture, such as sleek benches and tables in the kitchen, a soft, pastel palette provides the perfect backdrop, while darker painted features and decorations complete the image.

Add natural, rustic elements, such as dried plants and wicker vases to bring a little coziness into your home. A faux fireplace, complete with stacked wood takes the whole picture to the next level and creates a clash of rustic charm and modern practicality, everything the Neo Nordic style is all about.

Whichever trend you choose, have fun with it and don’t be shy about experimenting with different elements from each to create a truly unique, autumnal home for you and your family!

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