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30 Amazing Interior Design Companies in Montreal

by Veronica Grecu
10 min. read

We know it’s so cold outside that you tend to spend more time inside your Montréal home than you’d normally want to. No, it’s not the beginning of a new ice age, it’s just winter time in full swing. How about using those long winter nights doing research for that home renovation that you’ve been planning since… well, last winter? You’ll thank us this time next year.

Get ready to add some style to your home or simply start discovering your personal style with these thirty interior design firms from Montréal—they are la crème de la crème when it comes to architecture, color scheme, psychology of color, furniture and spatial arrangements, light and form, or textiles and raw materials.

HB Design

Arianne Hudon-Brooks is the interior designer behind HB Design. She is passionate about creating beautiful, functional and customized spaces and her name appeals especially to those looking to renovate their homes or bring back to life some dull areas there.


Hibou Design

If you’re looking for renovation resources and inspiration or simply need some help with that color scheme that you just can’t figure out, the innovative team of designers at Hibou Design will help you transform your house condo or loft into your dream home. Hibou Design’s portfolio showcases their ability to understand the clients’ needs and turn them into reality—whether that means incorporating many storage solutions into small places, completely transforming basements into livable spaces, or adding a touch of art and color to the home. And even if you don’t live in Montréal, you might want to check out their newly launched virtual design service!


Rebecca Mitchell Interiors

Ranking as one of Montréal’s best interior designers on Houzz in 2016, Rebecca Mitchell Interiors specializes in interior design of medium-to-large scale renovation and new construction projects where they re-envision the clients’ space to create the “best version of you.” The firm offers a long list of services such as 3D rendering, lighting design, nursery design, space planning, kitchen design and remodeling, custom built-ins, custom entertainment centers… well, pretty much everything you need for your home renovation project.



This award-wining design firm is based in Montréal, Québec and Burlington, Vermont and offers architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and interior design services. Sophie Robitaille and Andrew Curtis,the master minds behind this firm, strive to achieve  an understated elegance of form, richness in material composition, and a lasting sense of integrity and durability in their work… and their projects speak for themselves.


Stéphanie Fortier Design

Stéphanie Fortier’s mission is to create an interior design that’s comfortable, warm, functional and refined. Each project involves actively researching the current reality and potential of the space, while exploring the client’s needs, tastes and budget in order to make that dream home become reality.


Lyne Côté Designer

Lyne Côté is a Montréal-based interior designer who combines her vast technical experience with her sensitivity, creativity and great respect for the people who live in the homes she reinvents. Her projects range from kitchen remodeling to furniture design and she takes pride in working closely with the clients to fully understand their needs and turn their vision into reality.


Jean Stephane Beauchamp Design

With a penchant for eclectic interiors that bring together different periods, styles or elements, Jean Stephane Beauchamp is a well-versed interior designer. He studied Design, Fine Arts, Photography, Psychology and Art Therapy. On top of that, he’s a contemporary visual artist! Could a sophisticated client ask for more from a sophisticated interior designer? Check out Jean Stephane Beauchamp’s unique and elegant work.


Agence Imagine – Design & Architecture

Working with passion, professionalism and creativity in mind, the team behind Agence Imagine – Design & Architecture strives to highlight the client’s needs and dreams into each design project. Every new project starts with an analysis of both the idea and the space and going through preliminary planning, budget estimation, execution and site coordination.



Founded in 2008 by two landscape designers, Élaine Fortin and Virginie Lamothe, Bipède is a multidisciplinary studio that specializes in residential and commercial design, but also furniture and accessories design. Bipède focuses on the client as a dynamic element who is part of the creation process while interacting with his or her environment.


Kelli Richards Designs

“Every person is unique and deserves to live in a space that reflects the essence of who they are. My goal through the design process is to discover and expose the essence of the client while at the same time persuading them to make choices that will bring their design to another level” – these are Kelli Richard’s words when describing the philosophy behind her work. Specialized in providing turn-key solutions for high-end residential and commercial projects in and around Montréal, the firm designs, collaborates, procures and manages projects saving their clients valuable time while helping them avoid costly mistakes.


Rebecca-Laëla Dubé Designer

A transformed space means a transformed life—that’s the idea that drives the team at Rebecca-Laëla Dubé Designer. And they hold true to their motto, as their beautiful portfolio speaks for itself: textures, colors, lights and materials work together to create a space that’s functional and full of life.


Catlin Stothers Design

With a penchant for anything related to design, Catlin aims to create spaces that trigger some kind of reaction and that her clients will ultimately love. Her interior design projects are never exactly the same, but she always manages to reach her goals by collaboration and open dialogue, not to mention that she can be resourceful even on a tight budget. Caitlin’s constant themes are based on simplicity, scale and juxtaposing old and new. Just have a look at her amazing portfolio and you’ll know what we’re talking about.


Lorna Gordon Design

Lorna Gordon started her business in 2006, after finishing her studies in interior design. Standing out as a trendy and experienced designer, Lorna has become one of the most loved public figures in Québec after participating in several TV shows as a host or guest designer.



With nearly four decades of top expertise, Ædifica is an award-winning firm that includes a large team of architects, designers, engineers, communications specialists and project managers who all work together to create meaningful and long-lasting spaces.


Sandra Best Décor

Based in Laval, this small company of interior designers specializes in small spaces, kitchens and children’s spaces, with a goal to create beautiful and functional designs based on the client’s dreams and needs. And if you’re in fact looking to sell your home, Sandra Best Décor is your go-to home staging resource that will help you prep the space for an open house.


Philippe Harvey Designer

Philippe Harvey’s designer experience spans two amazing decades that followed the same philosophy: that each project must meet the client’s style and taste, so that he or she can feel comfortable in that personal or work environment. Philippe Harvey’s signature designs must pass the test of time, be functional and bring the client a sense of pride and happiness.



“We dig beauty. Do you?” Once you’ve answered that question—and we’re assuming you do appreciate beauty—your hunt for a good interior design firm pretty much stops ends. for. proposes “à la carte” formulas that correspond to the client’s specific needs and reality.


Stephanie Saunders Interior Stylist

Based in Toronto and Montréal, Stephanie Saunders is a prop and decor stylist who works with top Canadian and American big-box clients such as Hudson’s Bay, Simons, Homesense, Unilever, Target, Kitchen Stuff Plus, The Globe and Mall newspaper, Country Living Magazine, Canadian Living Magazine and Style at Home Magazine. Stephanie’s specialties include designing sets for fashion editorials, decor styling for advertising campaigns and finding table-top accessories.



Spacia offers residential and commercial architecture and design services, as well as project management in construction. No matter the nature of your project, the firm commits to maximize the space and optimize the investment while paying special attention to the environment.



By blending interior design ideas with the hottest artistic movements, Anastrophe’s Anne Grillot is constantly looking for something new in her field and that’s what makes the firm a veritable trend setter. And since the firm’s words to live by are “the design is not a luxury commodity, it’s the way to happiness”, you might just want to start your journey here.


Votre Maison sur son 36

The firm has been on the market for ten years, and that’s enough time for any design company to build a strong reputation. They’re specialized in residential design, home staging, decorating, renovation and landscaping services, but you might also want to read their blog and gather some good resources for your next home renovation project.


Kelly Boyd Design

Kelly Boyd is based in Montreal and specializes in residential design and decorating. By combining her love for interior design and knowledge of the industry, Kelly creates stylish and functional spaces that her clients can call home.


Zephyr Interior Design

Rosalie Levi gave up a career in banking and accounting to go back to her teenage crushes: art and design. Encouraged by a close friend to follow her passion and with the support of her family, she returned to school in her late 30s to study interior design, graduating in 2000 in the top 5% of her class.


Zü Dezign – Design d’intérieur

Zü Design & Architecture was founded in 2012 by interior designer Frédérique Croze—who had an interesting career path. She first studied History of Arts in college, then went on to study Psychology and Art Therapy. That’s a good background for someone who strived to understand how art and design interact with our well-being, and how interior design can lead to living better lives.



Boutique Birichina

Birichina is an affectionate term and nickname used in Italian culture to refer to a mischievous, silly or vivacious little girl. And that’s the entire concept behind Boutique Birichina, where having fun working means breaking the rules. The result is an eclectic style infused with personality, one that brings together vintage items with Scandinavian, Midcentury Modern and Industrial elements.



Annika Krausz

Born and raised in Montréal, Annika Krausz worked as a decorator and art director on film sets for 12 years before transitioning into commercial and residential design. She enjoys mixing styles and eras by incorporating vintage and contemporary elements, from high-end finds to flea market treasures.


Cuisines Steam

Just like in Hollywood movies, a beautiful love story is behind Cuisines Steam: Brigitte Boulanger and Jean Côté, both foodies and design enthusiasts—and very much in love with each other—decided to bring their passion and feelings together to create innovative kitchen furniture and tableware accessories backed by a strong sense of tradition and craftsmanship.


Cuisines Multiplex

A veritable Québec family business, Cuisines Multiplex was founded in 1986 by Clément Morissette and specializes in creating sustainable kitchens and integrated furniture.


Nouvelle Cuisine

With nearly 35 years of experience, Nouvelle Cuisine believes in optimizing the kitchen space to its maximum capacity, making the kitchen a logical, functional and friendly working environment.


Natasha K Design

“Details make a well dressed home”—and in Natasha’s vision and design philosophy, this means adding personal touches that reflect the individual’s personality and lifestyle while staying true to classical design roots.




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