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3 Storage Beds for Small Rooms

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When you have a small bedroom, every square foot counts. Ideally, you need at least three feet of space between the edges of your bed and the wall or other furniture in order to get in and out of bed easily. But, that’s not always possible.

Opting for a bed that includes storage space is an effective way not only to maximize the floor space in your room, but also to keep you organized. And, while bed frames with built-in drawers are popular and widely available, they are not the only option. From loft beds to wall beds to hidden storage in unexpected places, today’s storage beds are stylish and functional and – in some cases – just plain cool. Check out three of our favorite options for storage and style in the bedroom.

Loft Beds


Loft beds have long been a top choice for small bedrooms. They make use of the vertical space in the room, allowing for the area under the bed to house drawers, shelves, a desk, a seating area or a combination of several options. Although loft beds are often designed for kids’ rooms (and might even be fashioned after a treehouse, fairytale castle or some other whimsical abode), there are options for adults, as well.

For example, you might choose a loft-style bed that incorporates shelving and closet space underneath. Some custom-built beds are capable of doubling as multiple pieces of furniture in one, which is ideal for a studio apartment or small bedroom. One unique loft bed option for adults is the Living Cube, a Swiss-designed bed that actually doubles as several pieces of furniture. Underneath a queen-size bed, you can customize shelving and closet space to meet your needs; the typical Living Cube includes space for up to one 42-inch television, as well as a small “room” underneath that can be used as a workspace or additional storage.

Or, go with a more conventional loft bed. These are available in any number of configurations with storage cubbies, desks or even loveseats built in. Again, because most loft beds are designed for kids and teens, they are most commonly available in smaller bed sizes. You may need to look into custom loft-bed options to find one that meets your needs.

Headboard Storage

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However, storing things under the bed isn’t your only option in a small space. Using the headboard space for storage is another stylish idea. A headboard with built-in shelves or drawers can replace a nightstand in especially small spaces, or simply give you some more space to keep your books or decorative items.

Storage headboards are available in a variety of options – from traditional, bookshelf-style with open shelving on the front or sides, to sleek, modern designs that look like a traditional headboard, but hide storage behind the panels. Check out retailers like IKEA for unique headboard storage options that combine hidden shelving with drawers; some headboards even feature pull-out storage compartments on casters that disappear entirely behind the bed.

Wall Beds

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What better way to maximize the space in a small room than by hiding your bed in the wall? Ideal for guest rooms, studio apartments or any room that has to do double duty, a wall bed – also called a Murphy bed – gives you extra space and additional storage. Some clever designs don’t even give away the fact that they are beds. At first glance, they might look like a standard desk or armoire when folded up, but actually open into comfortable beds. Look for a wall bed that includes shelves, drawers or cabinets to get the most from the space.


Maximizing the space in your bedroom often means getting creative with storage, and combining your bed with drawers, shelves and other storage options can help keep your space organized, tidy and comfortable.



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