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11 Amazing Ideas for Alternative X-mas Trees

11 Amazing Ideas for Alternative X-mas Trees
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Short on space or spruce this festive season? There are plenty of alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree that will fit in any space. Here are 11 of our favorites!

String of Lights Tree

This simple yet highly decorative tree is the perfect DIY solution if you don’t have the space for a Christmas tree in your home. All you need is a piece of plywood, some screws and a string of lights. Whether you hang them as a Christmas tree outline, or just string them in a zigzag shape is entirely up to you.

Chalkboard Tree

If you already have a chalkboard wall in your home, it’s the best canvas to work with to create an alternative Christmas tree. Grab the nearest white marker and let your inner artist go wild, giving the tree any shape and size you wish. In fact, you can even include Santa and his little elves in the picture!

Wall Decal Tree

Here’s another unique way to decorate your home for the festive season if you’re in a pinch for space: wall decal Christmas trees. This peel-and-stick tree is easy to put up, and also take down without having to worry about damaging your wall. For a truly magical touch, check out the glow-in-the-dark versions as well.


Give your houseplants festive attire by turning them into unique Christmas trees. A string of lights and light decorations will look dashing draped around larger plants, such as fiddle leaf figs or indoor palms, or even just trailing along your philodendrons. In fact, now is also the time to buy a Norfolk Island pine if you want a plant that looks just like a Christmas tree you can have in your home all year round.

Driftwood Tree

This is an excellent alternative to traditional Christmas trees, especially if you’re also going for a rustic look. Driftwood is very versatile, and depending on how much space you have, you can either hang the branches up on the wall, or stack them in a pyramid shape for a fuller effect.

Stacked Christmas Presents

Are you worried that your family might have a sneak peek inside presents before the big day? We have a clever fix for that: stack them all in the shape of a Christmas tree! Using green wrapping paper will work best to create the desired effect, or you can go for light to dark colors for an ombre effect. Don’t forget to add fairy lights, ribbons and any other decorations that will both complete the picture, as well as keep overly eager hands at bay.

Macramé Tree

Macramé has become quite a popular trend in home design this year, and it’s easy to apply it to creating Christmas decorations as well. To create a truly stunning macramé tree, you will need some sturdy fabric cords for the weave, such as cotton twine or yarn. Look up the pattern that fits your home décor, and don’t shy away from using colorful beads and even Christmas globes into your weave.

Wooden Frame Tree

For a minimalist look, wooden frames are the best pick. This fast and simple DIY project can be whipped up in an afternoon, and it’s also easy to customize using light strings, botanicals, globes, and any other decorations might take your fancy.

Evergreen Boughs

Don’t have enough room in your home for a Christmas tree but still want to enjoy the smell of pine branches? Using individually cut boughs will also do the trick. Smaller branches can be taped to the wall, and for larger, heavier ones, you can also place them in large mason jars, as you would with a flower bouquet. They will last longer that way too!

Cardboard or PVC Tube Tree

One of the easiest DIY Christmas tree alternatives is making one out of cardboard or PVC tubes. Depending on how wide the tubes are and how thick you cut them, you can even put decorations and small presents inside. Using hot glue to keep them together, simply hang them on a peg in the wall, or stick them on a piece of plywood.

Collage Tree

This piece of wall art is your best pick for a Christmas tree that’s both a space saver, as well as highly customizable. Start by collecting the items for your collage, such as evergreen boughs, dried flowers and leaves, and even photos of your loved ones. Then, simply affix them to the wall using tape, going from top to bottom — you can even add a small piece of wood right at the end to complete the Christmas tree look.

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