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Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

by Point2 Editorial Staff
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Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to let your clients and business partners know how much you appreciate them. And luckily, there are endless ways to express that. Valentine’s marketing strategies can take the form of gifts, events and charitable activities, allowing you to give back to clients and the community while increasing your presence in the area.

Here are seven ideas to incorporate the Valentine’s Day theme into your real estate marketing:

Valentine’s Day Content

Start with some Valentine’s Day content on your website/blog and social media accounts, whether you choose to highlight local businesses with Valentine’s Day specials, provide inspiration for romantic ways to spend this holiday, or create loosely related content with topics like “how to love your home even more.”

Custom Candy

conversation hearts

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Who doesn’t love a sweet treat every once in a while? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to provide your clients with a little indulgence. Consider having custom conversation hearts made with messages like “Love UR Home” and “Location, Location, Location” on them, or get your slogan and phone number printed on them instead. Chocolate bars with custom wrappers featuring your logo and contact info are also a great option.

Bottles of Bubbly

If you’re really looking to make an impression, why not gift your clients a bottle of bubbly? Not only does this option allow you to play up the romantic theme while saying thanks to your clients, but you can also get some added marketing exposure out of the gift by printing up custom labels or tags to affix to the bottles.

Dream Date Giveaway

Hold a contest online or at your office and give away a romantic prize such as dinner for two at a local restaurant, gift cards for a couples massage, or a gift basket filled with romantic-themed items. Consider using local companies for the prizes to establish even more relationships in your area. Doing this online will also help gain new social media followers.

Flower Delivery

pink bouquet

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Flowers are sure to brighten anyone’s day, so why not show appreciation for your clients by having some beautiful blooms delivered to them? Partner with a local florist who can offer a reasonable price on a bulk order, and be sure to add a card or tag with your logo and contact information to ensure the recipients keep you top of mind.

Valentine’s Day Cards

What’s Valentine’s Day without a fun card? So take this opportunity to send gratitude messages to all your contacts. Be sure to keep the theme light, whether you mail cards or send e-cards, and don’t be afraid to use real-estate-related puns to get some laughs.

Charitable Giving

Spreading love can also come in the form of charitable giving. For example, you could organize a Valentine’s Day-themed bake sale and give the proceeds to a local charity. Hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner or dance at a local seniors’ home can also help the community celebrate the day. Or try organizing a blood drive or an event to benefit a medical charity, such as a heart foundation.

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