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7 Realtor Pop-By Gift Ideas

by Point2 Editorial Staff
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Looking for an impactful way to amp up your real estate marketing and engage with past, current and potential clients? Pop-by gifts are the perfect option, allowing you to connect with your contacts and treat them to something nice.

Make sure you include a customized element to your pop-by gift to make it memorable and stay top of mind with clients, whether for their own real estate needs or potential referrals. Here are seven pop-by realtor gift ideas to get you started:

Kitchen Gifts

No matter what your clients’ cooking skills are like, everyone appreciates something useful for the kitchen. You could go with a branded coffee mug, utensils like pie servers or grill spatulas, or even cute tea towels. Don’t forget to include a branded tag or label!

DIY Kits

Whether it’s cookie mix in a jar or a package of gourmet dip mix, kits that allow clients to try their hand at simple DIY projects are always a fun option. For pet lovers, dog biscuit jar mixes can also be a cute gift. Be sure to include instructions!

Baked Goods

Something tasty always brings a smile to people’s faces. If you’ve got baking skills, now is a great time to use them, or pick up some treats from a local bakery. Do keep potential food allergies in mind and try to provide various options. Package the treats up nicely, and you’ve got a great gift!

Candy and Snacks

Consider creating custom labels with your contact info to apply to packaged candy and snacks – things like mints, popcorn, chocolate, chips, crackers, gum and candy are great options. If you want to get fancy, you can also put a few options in a gift bag/basket.


Coffee or tea from local companies also make great gifts, especially when paired with complementary items such as honey (for the tea) or biscotti (for the coffee). While fun or unexpected flavors might be tempting, you might want to stick with plainer flavors to appeal to more of your clients.

Plant Gifts

Flowers, seed mixes, potted succulents and gardening tools can make lovely gifts for your clients, especially those with a green thumb. Adding tags or labels with a friendly message and your contact info makes these gifts a fun marketing tool.

Seasonal Gifts


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Holidays can make gift-giving easy by providing helpful themes. Stop by with a pumpkin for Halloween, a scented candle or ornaments for the winter holiday season, calendars for the New Year, and flowers and candy for spring. Get to know which holidays your clients observe and gift them something special to help them celebrate.

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