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Phone Tips for Real Estate Agents

by Point2 Staff
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In the busy world of real estate, smartphones have become a crucial tool for connecting with clients and getting deals done. Real estate agents with exceptional phone etiquette convey a professional and trustworthy attitude, which clients truly appreciate.

The following phone tips will help you present your best self during calls and give your clients the reassurance and trust they need.

Get Your Number Out There

It’s great to get your name out to the world, but if people can’t contact you, that’s an issue. As a rule of thumb, ensure you include your phone number wherever your name can be found – on your website, on your social media accounts, in your email signature, on your business card, in advertisements, and on any marketing materials, from pens to notepads, to brochures and postcards. Make it easy for people to reach you!

Create a Professional First Impression

Avoid using any inappropriate voicemail messages or hold music. While crafting a unique and super personal voicemail might seem fun, it may come off as inappropriate. It’s best to stick with simple, friendly, direct messages on both your office and cell phone. Also, automated voicemail messages can come across as too impersonal. Likewise, if you use hold music, make it pleasant and professional rather than wacky.

Answer Your Phone Whenever Possible

In the age of being able to contact someone no matter where they are, it can be difficult for real estate agents to find a good work/life balance if they’re constantly on their phones. However, it’s essential to let your clients know you are there for them as much as possible, so be sure to answer your phone whenever you can, within reason. Try to set some boundaries at your first meeting so they know what to expect, but also keep in mind that being available to your clients means building a reputation of trust and reliability.

Forward Office Calls to Your Cell

A great way to ensure you don’t miss any calls while you’re out of the office is to have calls going to your office phone forwarded to your cell phone. Use a call forwarding service to seamlessly transition your calls from office to on-the-go to improve your availability, give you more mobility and ensure you don’t have too many calls to return when you’re back at the office.

Return Calls Promptly

It can be frustrating for clients if they leave a voicemail message for you and don’t hear back promptly, so aim to return calls throughout the day consistently. It might help to schedule time in your workday to focus on returning calls. That way, you aren’t scrambling to get back to clients at inopportune times. Getting back to clients quickly can leave them with a positive impression and trust in your services.

Offer Your Full Attention

When you speak to clients over the phone, ensure you’re as attentive and courteous as possible. Don’t try to rush them through the conversation or talk over them, as this can leave clients feeling like they aren’t important. Instead, listen when you need to, and allow clients to fully express themselves before responding, making sure you repeat their key points, so they know you are paying attention.

Provide a Positive Outlook

Buying or selling a home can sometimes be stressful, and things may not always turn out the way the client had hoped. So it’s essential to provide positive reassurance when your clients feel like they’re losing hope or are frustrated by things not going to plan. Being the professional and positive voice on the other end of the phone can put a client’s mind at ease and change their outlook.

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