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Why Facebook Ads Might Not Work for Your Real Estate Marketing

Why Facebook Ads Might Not Work for Your Real Estate Marketing
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Years ago, you would see the faces of your local real estate agents all over billboards and park benches. Now, most real estate professionals are channelling their efforts into creating a strong online presence for their brand.

Most of them turn to real estate Facebook ads to promote their services. But what if there was a more effective way to reach homebuyers?

How Facebook Ads Work

With Facebook, depending on your marketing objective, you have several options when creating an advertising campaign. Some of the most popular options are getting more traffic to your agent website or having readers engage with your content.

Once you’ve settled on your goal, you can design your ad and release it to your target audience. Besides choosing the location and demographic information you prefer, you can also refine your targeting through interests and behaviours.

Facebook offers a wide range of targeting options. For example, you can choose to only show your ad to people in Toronto, who are over 25, and are interested in “house hunting”. You can narrow down like this example, or go as wide as possible.

Why It Might Not Get You the Results You Expect

While it’s great to be able to target varied audiences, it’s important to consider how most people use Facebook. For instance, someone might have liked a page about ‘house hunting’ over a year ago when they were in the middle of looking for a new home. Now they are done looking. They would still show up in the Facebook database with that particular interest and your ad will be seen by them even though it lost its relevancy.

Your ad will be seen by a lot of people but not necessarily by those who are looking for a home right now. You would be paying for irrelevant views and your return on investment will be low.

Even if they are still in the process of finding a home, people could be seeing your ad on Facebook while they’re browsing events in their area, catching up with old friends, or watching the latest viral cat videos. You might not catch them when they’re in a buying mindset. Also, depending on the frequency of your ad, they might not see it again. After all, timing is crucial when it comes to generating a lead or closing a sale.

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Where to Find Your Core Audience

What if there was a way to promote your services exactly where prospects are looking and when they need them? Say you have a 2-bedroom condo for sale in downtown Toronto. Using Facebook, you would most likely reach a lot of people from Toronto, who at one point indicated that they might be interested in real estate. You can’t really know if they were looking for a house or a condo, a 2-bedroom, or a 3-bedroom property.

But when people use real estate portals, their intent is clear. They are ready to look at properties, that’s pretty much the only reason they are on a listings portal. They usually end up on a portal by googling “2-bedroom condos in Toronto”, reaching a page showing them properties relevant for their search. Sometimes they get directly on the homepage of the portal and they start browsing different categories, using filters to narrow down to their ideal match.

By advertising on a real estate portal, you can control where your ads show up. You can make sure your ad is only seen by those who are the most qualified to display an interest in the property you advertise.

How to Advertise on Real Estate Portals

Real estate listing portals like Point2 Homes offer various advertising options for agents for this exact purpose. You can choose to pin your listings at the top of local search results. This way, all homebuyers landing on that search page can see your property first. You can also get an ad showcasing your agent services for those needing help right from the beginning of their search. The main advantage of advertising on a real estate portal is that prospects will see your ad at exactly the right time, during their home buying process.

More so, you don’t have to worry about overspending. As you buy the ads for a fixed amount and you can enjoy their benefits for an entire month. For instance, buying a Gold Listing Ad in Toronto for just $49.99 could get you thousands of views and you’ll be getting more quality leads in no time.

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Re-think What You Use Facebook For

This doesn’t mean that you should give up on Facebook altogether. On the contrary, it is still a great platform to share helpful content with your audience. It makes it easy for prospective clients to connect with you and you can use it to get feedback or promote your next open house. You can use Facebook to truly engage with your audience. It can work wonders for your brand.

In a competitive market, it’s a challenge to grow your writing skills, to take time to produce content that is interesting and that keeps your profile at the top of your potential customers’ minds. One solution would be to share posts from other real estate pages. See the Point2 Homes Facebook page, for example, where new content is shared daily.

Real estate digital marketing offers a lot of options through which you can take your business to the next level. You just have to figure out what works best for you!

If you’re interested in advertising your listings or services on Point2 Homes, get in touch with our representatives at 1-888-277-9779 or check our advertising options here.

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