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Which Are the Warmest Cities in Canada? Here Are 5 of the Best!

Which Are the Warmest Cities in Canada? Here Are 5 of the Best!
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When looking for somewhere new to settle down, one must take a wide range of factors into consideration. Aspects such as cost of living, housing affordability, safety, employment opportunities and all-around quality of life are of paramount importance when choosing a fresh base for yourself and your family. Climate can also be a crucial factor which can strongly influence where you’d consider moving to. Despite preconceptions about Canada’s rough weather, there are quite a few amazing places around the country which will give newcomers a very warm welcome!

Here are the warmest places in Canada:

  1. Victoria, British Columbia: average annual temperature of 15.3°C

    The capital of British Columbia stands out from the crowd of large Canadian cities, and according to Current Results Weather and Science Facts it is the warmest of them all, with an average daily maximum temperature of 15.3°C. The city’s mild winters with barely any snow, and warm but not overly hot summers, make it an attractive destination for those who don’t like weather extremes. This temperate climate ensures excellent conditions for manicured parks and gardens, of which Victoria has many, so it’s no surprise that it’s sometimes nicknamed The Garden City!

    The great weather also makes ideal circumstances for the city’s outdoorsy community, who hit the trails every chance they get. And if you’re thinking of relocating, the Victoria real estate market has a lot to offer. Residential property in the Greater Victoria region has an average selling price of $903,052, the highest of all the cities on this list.
  1. Abbotsford, British Columbia: average annual temperature of 15.1°C

    The largest city in the Fraser Valley Regional District, Abby boasts some of the warmest weather conditions in the entire country. Current Results rates it the second warmest city in Canada, after the province’s capital, with an average daily maximum temperature of 15.1°C. According to the same source, Abbotsford is also ranked third regarding the length of the frost-free season, with 208 frost-free days per year.

    The weather conditions here are ideal for the cultivation of plants and produce, and the city takes advantage of this fact with 70% of its lands being part of the Agricultural Land Reserve. Abbotsford features an unparalleled abundance of fresh, locally-grown green goods and promotes domestically-grown produce through farm-to-table restaurants and local farmers’ markets. If you’d like to settle down here, we have great news! The Abbotsford real estate market is a bit more affordable than that of the neighbouring Metro Vancouver Area, with, for example, the average price for detached homes currently at $838,992.
  1. Kelowna, British Columbia: average annual temperature of 14.7°C

    The third B.C. city on our list has four distinct seasons and a humid continental climate. Out of all major Canadian cities, it features the highest number of hot days annually (26), when the temperature reaches 30°C or higher. It is also the third warmest city in Canada, according to Current Results, with an average daily maximum temperature of 14.7°C. Kelowna’s proximity to Okanagan Lake and the mountains that separate the province from the prairies means that winters here are generally milder.

    Kelowna offers plenty of other amazing benefits besides the favourable climate which might prompt you to move to the city. It features a booming food and culture scene, an extensive network of leisure activities and it has grown into a bustling tech hub in recent years, offering many professional opportunities. And let’s not forget about the generous housing options of the Kelowna real estate market! The residential average price in the Okanagan area—of which Kelowna is part—is currently $517,149, which is half that of the Greater Vancouver area.
  1. Windsor, Ontario: average annual temperature of 14.4°C

    Next on our list is Windsor, the southernmost city of Canada, located right by the border with the United States, opposite Detroit. It has a humid continental climate and, according to the source used throughout this analysis, it ranks as the fourth warmest Canadian city, with an average annual daily maximum temperature of 14.4°C. Summers in the city are exceptionally hot and humid, with the humidex—a measurement that indicates how hot weather feels by combining the effects of heat and humidity—reaching 30 or above more than 70 times during an average summer.

    The city is also ideal for those in search of multiculturalism, efficient transportation options and a wide range of cultural and social activities. You’ll be happy to find that the Windsor real estate market is the most budget-friendly of the bunch. The average price for residential listings in the city is currently $277,061, though you should know that supply is low and competition is strong when it comes to house-hunting here.
  1. St. Catharines, Ontario: average annual temperature of 13.6°C

    Lastly we have a city located in the south-eastern part of the country, also close to the border with the United States, but with a different vibe. St. Catharines boasts a unique continental climate, enjoying the moderating effect of lakes Ontario and Erie, as well as the protective influence of the Niagara Escarpment, and it is ranked as the sixth warmest city in Canada, with an average annual daily maximum temperature of 13.6°C. These features contribute to the existence of a large number of flower-filled parks around the city, plus some well-regarded wineries nearby.

    If you have green fingers and you’re looking for a place where you can unleash your talents, this might be the perfect city for you. The St. Catharines’ real estate market offers a wide array of family homes with private yards where you can grow your favourite flowers—very appropriate considering it’s the second town on our list that is sometimes called The Garden City! And with an average selling price of $380,296, you may find housing here that suits your budget.

And Vancouver was also in the top 5 but we thought you’d probably already heard enough about it! As you can see, there are some very inviting cities in Canada offering warm temperatures and pleasant climates—and we’re pretty sure that’s an important factor when you’re considering moving house. If you had to make a choice now, which of the places mentioned here would you relocate to? We’d love to hear your views!

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