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Walk Score on Point2 Homes: See If Your Next Home Is A Walker’s Paradise

Walk Score on Point2 Homes: See If Your Next Home Is A Walker’s Paradise
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A little over a month has past since our last news announcement, where we shared with you the release of the latest version of our real estate iOS app . Now we’re just as excited to introduce you to another great service that we’ve added on our listing and neighbourhood pages in Canada: Walk Score®.

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Walk Score — A Great Service for Urban Canada Dwellers

Walk Score® is a service providing information on the walkability of a particular address or neighbourhood. It evaluates the distances to the nearby grocery stores, shops, restaurants, schools, and other amenities and how quickly you can get there by foot, car, or public transportation. This information can be very valuable especially for those who plan to buy a house in the metro area.

For most city dwellers, finding a “walker’s paradise” — a neighbourhood with a walkability score between 90 and 100 — is very important as it means they can afford to walk to most places. A nice way to stay fit and use the spare (i.e, not-driving) time to do what you like instead, huh?Walk Score

How to Spot a Walker’s Paradise Location

Jumping straight to some examples, if you’re trying to find some very walkable condos in Toronto, you should first check the Toronto neighbourhoods page on Point2 Homes for areas with scores above 70.

Then, as you browse the homes for sale in the neighbourhoods that interest you, look for the Walk Score information right under each listing description. To understand what those scores mean, there are short explanations provided beside them: “Walker’s Paradise,” “Very Walkable”, “Somewhat Walkable”, and so on.

“This release provides a great resource to our Canadian consumers,” says Alexandru Palade, the Director of Product Development, Point2. “As home buyers are interested in more than just information about the property — the community, nearby amenities, and urban infrastructure are also very important  —  our integration of Walk Score® neighbourhood data on Point2 Homes enables us to serve this important need for the Canadian home buyer,” he adds.

The feature was also made available on our consumer portals for real estate organizations. For information on how this feature can be used by real estate agents to help buyers and sellers, read the post written by our colleagues from Point2.


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