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Vancouver Suburbs with Appealing Real Estate

Vancouver Suburbs with Appealing Real Estate
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As one of the most expensive cities of North America, the Vancouver real estate market is known for being very pricey indeed. But before you throw in the towel and give up on your dreams of ever becoming a Van resident, hear us out! While there are indeed areas where real estate is overpriced, the city still boasts quite a few suburbs with reasonable options as well. So depending on your budget and preferences, you may yet find a home that’s calling your name if you look long enough.  

Check out three awesome Vancouver suburbs with interesting real estate options:

#1 Port Moody, Vancouver

Port Moody can be considered to be both an eastern suburb of Vancouver and a town in its own right. It is located in a scenic area encompassing the eastern periphery of the Burrard Inlet and offers easy access to the heart of the city via Barnet Highway and numerous public transport routes.

If you’re looking to live outside the hustle and bustle of the city centre in a nice neighbourhood with a variety of properties and prices, then Port Moody should definitely be on your list. This suburb is in fact a single-standing community, boasting its own hospital, schools, shops, restaurants, playgrounds and plenty of other amenities. The city’s parks, nature trails and beaches should also be noted, along with the myriad of cultural happenings and year-round events which make Port Moody a colourful place to live in.

#2 Kerrisdale, Vancouver

Second up we have a suburb closer to the city centre, in the south-western part of Vancouver. A historic neighbourhood, Kerrisdale boasts an area where luxurious real estate is prominent, composed of brand new houses on generous lots. It also has a budget side, dotted by humble older bungalows and low-rise blocks of flats offering rental units, which are mainly leased by students.

It is quite a sought-after area, partly thanks to its proximity and ease of access to Downtown Vancouver. Kerrisdale is especially popular with wealthier families who have small children—there are quite a handful of schooling options available here in the form of both public and private institutions. The suburb offers all the necessary amenities one can look for, from a generous shopping district to parks, playgrounds and community centres.

#3 Marpole, Vancouver

The residential area referred to as Marpole lies at the very southern edge of Vancouver, just across from the town of Richmond on the banks of the Fraser River. You can easily get to the city centre via the numerous bus routes that connect the area to the heart of Van. Two main bridges connect Marpole to adjacent cities; however, they tend to get crowded at peak hours.

Marpole offers a generous mixture of expensive homes and affordable listings. As one of the oldest communities in the city, you can expect to see both older houses as well as brand new properties. Most of the available amenities such as shops and eateries can be found at the southern end of Granville Street, near the riverbank. The family-oriented neighbourhood is dotted by numerous playgrounds and parks, which your children will surely appreciate. The suburb’s proximity to Vancouver International Airport, one of the largest in Canada, is an added bonus.

Even if Vancouver has a reputation of being one of the most expensive North American cities to live in, it still has a variety of available properties for many budgets. Depending on the neighbourhood you pick, you can opt for prestigious areas with luxury mansions, nice streets with mid-range homes or even places which offer more affordable studio apartments. So if Vancouver is your dream destination, just keep looking and you might find the property which fits your needs and your budget!

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