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The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning: 7 Easy Tips and Tricks

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning: 7 Easy Tips and Tricks
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With the days getting longer and the sun shining, you might feel a bit of a spring in your step. As a season, spring brings promise and the chance to shake off the winter slumber. With a burst of newfound energy, now is the time many homeowners tackle the big spring-clean. 

You either relish it or dread it, but either way, it needs to be done if you want your home to look its best! Fortunately, with a little planning and organization, it’s not such a big chore. Check out the following 7 tips and tricks that’ll make your spring cleaning a breeze.

Make a List

It’s amazing how quickly all the little jobs pile up during a big spring-clean. Even the cleanest people rarely attack every aspect of their home, and it’s all too easy to neglect one or two important tasks. To ensure you don’t forget anything, it’s worth making a checklist.

Go around your home, room by room, and note everything that you want to tackle. Remember, this is a deep clean and you’ll want to ensure you have a go at pretty much every surface and hidden nook. Take a look at the final section of this post if you’re stuck for ideas!

Get Organized

Before tackling the big clean, make sure you’re adequately organized. It can take some time to get into the swing of it, and if you have to nip out for additional supplies, you might just lose that drive! Once you’ve made your list, think about what cleaning products and equipment you’ll be needing.

Rubber gloves, an ample supply of vinegar and baking soda, brooms, brushes and sponges are all essential. Depending on what needs doing in your home, you might need more specialist items, such as paint or caulk.

Declutter and Stash Away

It’s hard to clean a room when it’s filled with junk. Unfortunately, during winter many of us accumulate all kinds of stuff within our homes. Now is the time to tidy it all away and make your home presentable again.

Store away any winter essentials, such as winter clothing and footwear, salt, snow shovels, etc. and make space for more seasonal items and garments.

Go From Top to Bottom

With your rooms clutter-free, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Save time and effort by cleaning sensibly. Always start from the top and work your way down. Dust can easily be disturbed and settle elsewhere, so start with the dusting, working from ceiling to underneath the furniture.

Next, scrub at stubborn areas, wipe down surfaces and clean out wardrobes, drawers, and cupboards. Finish by cleaning underneath your furniture and giving the floor a good clean. Whether you go room-by-room or task-by-task, it’s also a great idea to work through your home starting with the top rooms and ending with the bottom ones.

Make Outside Awesome

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Having a sparkling clean home is all very well, but don’t forget to make the outside just as beautiful! A pressure washer is great for bringing driveways and paths back to life, while small yard tasks can ensure your green areas stay vibrant.

Clean decking, outdoor appliances and furniture, and get ready to enjoy the warm weather. You might also want to check that your gutters are clear or freshen up the paint on your walls or fences.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

For most of us, spring cleaning is an annual deep clean. As such, there are a few things that we might not clean so often and can easily be overlooked. Pay attention to trims and mouldings in particular, as well as light fittings, door handles and frames. Another classic grime area is within the casement for sliding doors.

Other small things that can go unnoticed include cleaning the dust from behind appliances and devices such as desktop PCs, TVs and fridges.

Go Room by Room

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks when spring cleaning, so take a look below at some of the essentials for the main rooms.

  • Kitchen: scrub away any grease from tiles and surfaces, particularly around the oven and stovetop. Clear out your drawers and cupboards, reorganize and clean inside. Go through ingredients, disposing of any expired goods. Clear out the fridge and freezer, defrost if necessary and give a good clean inside. Clean inside the oven, microwave and any other appliances.
  • Bathroom: have a look through any cabinets for products you no longer use, clear out, reorganize, and clean inside the cabinet. Wash the mirror, scrub down the tiles and check that the grout is clean and mold-free. Apply new caulk to bathtubs and sinks if needed. Check shower head and hose, shower curtain, bath mats and towels, and replace if necessary.
  • Bedroom: Put on fresh sheets and check that the mattress is okay. Clean under the bed and reorganize cabinets and wardrobes, clearing out the clutter and storing winter wear away. Clean blinds and curtains.

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