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Which Are the Sunniest Places to Live in Canada? Here Are 5 of the Best!

Which Are the Sunniest Places to Live in Canada? Here Are 5 of the Best!
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When deciding to move to a new city, one must take into account a wide range of factors which can make or break one’s determination to relocate. From the local community atmosphere and business opportunities to the education system and available leisure activities, many things are of high importance when one is choosing a new base. And chances are that climate also plays a significant role in this process. Last week we already talked about the warmest cities in Canada, those which offer high temperatures, mild winters and hot summers. This week we’re discussing the most sun-kissed cities across the country. These are ranked by the average number of hours of sunshine annually.

Take a look at five of the sunniest places in Canada:

Medicine Hat, Alberta

Situated along the South Saskatchewan River in south-east Alberta, the city of Medicine Hat has been named the sunniest place in all Canada by Current Results Weather and Science Facts. This recognition is understandable when you consider that The Hat boasts 2,544 hours of sunshine on average annually and has 330 sunny days per year. Despite being part of the Canadian Prairies, the city doesn’t receive as much precipitation as neighbouring cities do, and even its cold winters are toned-down by the dry Chinook winds.

Thanks to its pleasant climate, The Gas City is a popular destination for families with young children and retirees alike. If you’re interested in relocating, you might be happy to find that the Medicine Hat real estate market has good-value housing options with a residential average price of $290,880, which is way below the province’s overall average.

Lethbridge, Alberta

Next on our list is another charming city in the beautiful province of Alberta. Following its neighbour Medicine Hat, Lethbridge placed second on the list of sunniest places in Canada, according to Current Results. The city enjoys a whopping 54% of sunshine on average, with 2,507 hours and 333 days of sunshine annually. Crucially, the nearby Canadian Rocky Mountains moderate the city’s climate considerably, resulting in cooler summers and the warmest winters on the prairies.

Those coming from a bustling metropolis in search of a smaller and more inviting city to settle down in will feel right at home in Lethbridge. And with an average residential price of $263,712, the Lethbridge real estate market offers the most bang for your buck of the large cities in the province.

Kindersley, Saskatchewan

If you’re interested in relocating from the big bad city to a quiet town with rural vibes, Kindersley might be calling your name. The fourth sunniest place in the country, the charming Saskatchewan town experiences 2,416 hours of sunshine and 326 sunny days on average per year. It boasts a semi-arid climate without too much precipitation, ideal for those who don’t like grey, rainy days.

Before you start packing your bags, you should know that the city doesn’t exactly have a booming social scene at the moment, so youngsters might not immediately feel at home here. Nevertheless, it can offer a peaceful and stable base, with its strong oil- and gas-based economy, exciting sports scene and rural appeal. And the Kindersley real estate market is quite generous when it comes to housing options, offering multi-room family homes with large courtyards for a fraction of the price of similar properties in some other major Canadian cities.

Swift Current, Saskatchewan

The second Saskatchewan town on our list, Swift Current is the fifth largest city in the province. It is also fifth in Current Results’ list of sunniest places in Canada, boasting 2,411 sun-drenched hours and 324 sunny days a year. The city’s climate is classified as humid continental and is influenced by the Chinook winds, which give residents short bursts of very warm weather conditions out of season.

The city is located along the Trans-Canada Highway, offering easy access to other major cities in the province. If you’re into sports then you’ll definitely enjoy cheering for the local hockey team and baseball team or challenging yourself at the city’s golf courses. Swift Current real estate options are affordable and might tempt you to pack your bags and move to the place they sometimes call Speedy Creek.

Estevan, Saskatchewan

Last but not least, the city of Estevan is set to impress with its 2,404 hours of sunshine recorded annually, according to the same source we’ve been using throughout this article. Nicknamed “The Energy City,” it lies merely 16 kms north of the border with the United States. The city boasts a humid continental climate and on average 52% of its days are considered sunny per year.

Estevan offers excellent employment opportunities for those seeking jobs in power generation, as well as the oil and gas industries. The city’s proximity to the US and other major Canadian cities also ensures many possibilities, both from a professional and a leisure point of view. The Estevan real estate market is pretty kind to those looking to relocate, and there is relatively affordable housing on offer throughout the city.

The hamlet of Suffield, AB, situated on the road from Medicine Hat to Calgary, is actually the third sunniest place in Canada, and Suffield real estate might also be interesting to readers who are looking for more rural surroundings.

All in all, then, even if there are some negative preconceptions regarding Canada’s climate, these cities prove that it can get really quite sunny in the country they call the Great White North. We think that advantageous weather conditions are a very important consideration for anybody who might be in the process of choosing a new base. Which sunny city would you vote for? We’re always interested to hear your opinions!

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