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Selling Your Home? 8 Questions You Should Ask Your Agent

Selling Your Home? 8 Questions You Should Ask Your Agent
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Selling your home can be a daunting task, but with a good real estate agent on your side, you’ll feel the stress dwindling. However, for a smooth sale, it’s essential that you are both ‘on the same page.’ 

By quizzing your agent, you can be sure that they have a solid grasp of the local market, and can, therefore, command a higher price for your home. Check out these 8 questions to ask your agent if you’re planning to sell up.

What Are My Responsibilities?

If you’ve never sold a property before, it can be confusing to know exactly what is expected of you. Is it down to you to have your home appraised? Do you need to take care of showing people around when they visit or is it better to create a virtual tour? A good agent will be able to tell you exactly what you need to take care of during the sales process.

Who’s Buying Right Now?

In order to fetch the best price for your home, you’ve got to know who you’re selling to. If your home is advertised with families in mind, but the majority of buyers looking at your area are retirees, you might not get such a good price. Your agent should have a firm grasp of the current market and have a good idea of who is buying. With this knowledge, you can market and advertise your home accordingly.

How Can I Improve My Home & Maximize Its Value?

Most of us believe that by remodelling the kitchen and bathroom we’re guaranteed to get a great return on our investment (ROI). However, this is seldom the case, and a lot depends on the current market. Ask your agent what they believe you can do to maximize your home’s value and be as appealing as possible to the potential buyers out there.

What’s Your Commission & How Are You Going to Sell My House?

It’s important to know how much you’ll need to pay your agent once your home is sold. Some agents might charge a higher fee than others, but they might also do more to earn it as well—don’t always be tempted by the cheapest option. While asking about their commission, find out exactly what they plan to do and how they will earn it.

It’s a great idea to formulate a sales plan with your agent. Be sure that this plan makes sense to you and that you know exactly what’s going on at any time. A solid plan can wash the stress of selling away.

How Much Will It Cost to Sell?

Selling a home isn’t as simple as selling most other items. Instead of simply listing your property for sale, taking the cash and handing over the keys, there are a lot of additional processes that must be carried out, and that generate additional costs. It’s essential that you know exactly what these costs are and how much they will amount to.

In this way, you can budget for things like staging, legalities, repairs and redecorating. With a solid figure in mind, or at least an educated estimate, you can work out if you can afford to sell right now, before committing and maybe struggling to pay everything.

Is This the Best Time to Sell?

Do you need to sell right now, or are you flexible? If you can be flexible, try to figure out if this is a good time to put your home on the market. A great agent will know the best times to sell your home and get the best price. May is typically a good month, but consider other factors based on your target market. Think about whether you should consider school terms or holidays, for example.

How Should I Price My Home?

Pricing your home properly can be the difference between a quick sale and having it sit on the market for months on end. It’s a fine balance, and a good agent should be able to make the right call, based on a thorough understanding of current market conditions. Discuss which strategies are most likely to work best for you—should you price high with a mind to drop, or price low to entice a bidding war. If your agent has a good grasp of what the market’s doing, they should be able to find the perfect balance.

Who Do I Need on My Selling Team?

Selling a home often requires a team of professionals to help you on your way. From stagers and photographers to contractors and legal professionals, these people can make the selling process run smoothly and drive the value of your home up. A good agent should have the contacts needed to put together a reliable team who can get results. Ask if your agent has a team that they regularly work with.

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