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See the Prairie Mansion that Went Viral – 10,518 Views in 5 Days!

See the Prairie Mansion that Went Viral – 10,518 Views in 5 Days!
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Amazing things happen sometimes in real estate, things no agent expects and no analyst predicts. Our most recent example is on the Saskatchewan market. A sprawling mansion in Hanley Acreage has raked in 10,518 views in just 5 days, all while being far from finished and quite far away from both Saskatoon and Regina.

Listings might stand out because of features like a fantastic location, great architecture and amenities or just affordable pricing. And yet, some homes catch our attention simply because a lot of potential home buyers seem to be drawn to them, for not so obvious reasons. Still, two days of over 3,000 hits each on Point2 Homes, and another two with 2,000 visits each, most of which came from Facebook are as amazing as they are hard to explain.

Here are some possible reasons for our prairie palace being so hot, and if you have other reasons in mind, please let us know in the comments section below:

  • The description is well written and full of relevant information
  • Even though the listing photos are rather on the small side, there are plenty of them
  • The images give a clear idea of the size of the house, and the work required to finish it
  • The listing focuses on only the most relevant features for this particular house
  • The house’s location is clear and the listing is placed under the right category

While all of the above information certainly helps the listing pop, the great asking price of $395,000 CAD is part of its viral appeal, especially when considering the tremendous lot size that comes with it – 64 hectares is a tenth of Vancouver’s Stanley Park, and a sixth of New York’s Central Park. On the other hand, making the mansion livable will most likely cost a pretty penny, a detail which is not easily overlooked.

Bedrooms: 3 ; Bathrooms: 3
Lot size: 159 acres (64 hectares)
Asking price: $395,000 CAD
Finish-up costs: a large livable area brings high finishing costs (very high, for top features)
Outside 1Outside 2Outside 3
Inside 1 Land 1

What do you think? Does the huge mansion on the prairie spark your dreams of leaving the city bustle behind for a life on the great plains of West Central Saskatchewan? Is there something we’re missing that would explain the great appeal this house has?

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