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How to Redesign Your Home for the Summer

How to Redesign Your Home for the Summer
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As the summer months begin and the warmth spreads you may feel as though your home is in need of a makeover. Shaking off the cold and drab winter and celebrating the sunshine starts at home. With a few tips and tricks, you can transform where you live into a relaxing and light-filled retreat, making the most of the long, bright days both inside and out-of-doors.

Lighten Up

To make the most of longer days of natural light, the first step is to declutter! By freeing up some space inside, you can allow the summer breeze to float through the house, while the sunlight bathes every corner. Remove unnecessary furniture and decorations and put them into storage, freeing up space throughout your home.

With more space, you can look at letting as much natural light into your home as possible. Replace thick, heavy winter curtains with light and breezy summer versions. Seek out cotton or linen for a really summery feel, while wooden shutters are a great option for keeping the heat at bay.

Why not also shake off those thick, heavy bed sheets and replace them with something lighter and brighter? The same can be done with any rugs you have in your home. Finally, you can use mirrors to make the maximum use of the natural light and create the illusion of space.

Decorate and Invigorate

While you’re replacing your curtains, bed sheets, pillows and rugs, it’s well worth giving your home a summer facelift. Consider a lick of paint or even new wallpaper – the color scheme you choose is entirely up to you, but bright summer palettes work really well. If you’re craving the coast, transform your home into a seaside retreat using blues and whites throughout your home.

With the color scheme in place, you can add some seasonal decorations. For a maritime theme, nautical bits and bobs look great on the wall and other surfaces, with ship clocks in particular making a superb talking point. Adding some new artwork is another good idea and provides a good opportunity to seek out talented local artists for something unique.

Decorate any entertaining areas with interesting centerpieces. Follow your chosen theme or select flowers and plants from the garden or forest for a more natural twist.

Go Green

Summer is a time of growth and nowhere is this more apparent than in the garden. For the green-fingered out there, summer is a great time to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs. And don’t worry if you don’t have a yard – balconies, kitchens and rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas and with some innovative tricks, you can grow a bountiful harvest in a small space.

A living wall can be another great addition to your home, but it requires some work. Climbing plants entwined on string or a trellis make a superb decoration that is fresh, alive and a real talking point – you just need to keep it watered and avoid attracting the wrong bugs.

If you’re not that adept at growing plants, you can still bring plant life into your home to freshen up the atmosphere and provide stunning decoration. Select hardy plants, such as cacti, ivy, or ferns and place them throughout the home. Hanging baskets are great and work well for certain types of ivy or flowers such as nasturtiums – the latter are not only beautiful, but also edible!

Fix Your Outdoor Spaces

If you have an outdoor space at home, summer is the ideal time for entertaining. Give it a good clean after the winter and see what you have to work with. A paved patio is always nice, or perhaps you prefer an immaculate lawn. Either way, setting up a pleasant place to relax outdoors can do wonders for your home during summer.

Investing in some quality outdoor furniture helps set the scene and you can even make your own. Large dining tables crafted from natural, repurposed materials such as wood, stone or even painted tires can create a stunning centerpiece to your outdoor space and are great for entertaining. Likewise, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace make a superb gathering point as the darkness slowly creeps in. Alternatively, add some rustic outdoor lamps.

Lawns can be landscaped, water features added and new plants planted to transform a lackluster lawn into the ultimate place to relax in the summer sun. Remember to provide shelter, be it from the sun’s rays or the occasional summer storm. Canvas marquees are a nice touch in the garden, while the porch can be the ideal place to watch lightning flicker in the skies.

Make the most of your home this summer and let the light in! From a few simple tricks, to a total transformation, there are many ways you can make your home the perfect place to relax, and without breaking the bank!

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