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Real Estate Infographic: See Where the Billions Go

Real Estate Infographic: See Where the Billions Go
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To visualize exactly how much money the real estate industry generates — and spends — and how these amounts stack up against other business sectors, our colleagues over at RENTCafé put together an infographic revealing the value of everything – from the residential real estate assets of the world’s super-rich to Starbucks revenues or Oprah Winfrey’s net worth.

To help you put things into perspective, here are just a few key highlights:

  • If the world’s ultra-wealthy would sell their own homes, they could buy 86% of all homes in Canada
  • Canadian home values represent 13% of U.S. home values ($3,500 vs. $26,500 billions)
  • Outstanding residential mortgage in Canada accounts for 27% of the value of all existing homes; in the U.S., outstanding residential mortgage stands at 37%
  • Online advertising  costs represent 31% of the total ad spending in Canada
  • Canadian residential real estate agents make $1 billion less than what U.S. brokers and agents spend on ads

Take a look at the infographic below for more intriguing numbers and comparisons:

Real Estate Billions: Where the Money Goes - expenses, income, values

If you enjoyed this infographic and want to get more info — or if you’d like to embed it on your website — head on over to the RENTCafé blog.

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