Point2 Homes’ 2018 Year in Review

Point2 Homes’ 2018 Year in Review

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2018 was an amazing year here at Point2 Homes! We want to send out a big THANK YOU to all the buyers who searched for their dream home on Point2Homes.Com and to all the agents who are using the portal.

Let’s look back at how 2018 unfolded and revisit everything that was done to make it easier for over 67 million people to search for a new home throughout the year.

New traffic records and a big rise in popularity

When wrapping up 2018, it’s clearer than ever that Point2 Homes is on track of becoming one of the most trusted real estate search portals in Canada. Overall, in 2018 the website saw a 43% year-over-year traffic increase among Canadian homebuyers.

In May 2018, at the kickoff of the buying season, Point2 Homes was the fourth biggest listings portal in Canada, according to comScore’s Ranked Category view, right after CREA websites, classifieds site Kijiji.ca and RE/MAX Canada. (source: comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform, Real Estate Category, Language: Other (all except French), Canada, May 2018).

By August, Point2 Homes surpassed 6.4 million monthly visits, a record that was recently smashed this January, when the website recorded over 7 million visits.

While more than half of these visits came from Canada, the website has also increased its popularity in the U.S., boasting an outstanding 60% year-over-year rise in visits.

When it comes to international destinations, Mexico continued to attract the biggest number of home seekers, while the Dominican Republic saw the biggest year-over-year growth, 58%.

Last but not least, we’re also proud of the online community we’ve built on social media, where Point2 Homes is now one of the most popular real estate Facebook pages in Canada with 60,000 followers and counting.

Improving your house hunting experience

We made it easier for our users to keep track of any changes related to their favourite listings with email notifications for price drops and for listings taken off the market.

The Saved Searches emails and the New Listings browser notifications also became hugely popular in 2018, getting thousands of people one step closer to finding their dream home.

Sharing our real estate expertise

In 2018, Point2 Homes focused a lot on providing a variety of useful articles related to the real estate world, from simple home design tips and moving hacks to more in-depth articles on topics such as mortgages and monthly housing market updates and forecasts.

Our in-house analysts conducted numerous interesting studies which received top media coverage across the country to help you better understand the real estate market. All of these offerings help our readers be among the best-informed people when it comes to Canadian real estate.

Point2 Homes at RealtorQuest

Point2 Homes attended RealtorQuest in Toronto this past summer and we plan on being there again this year. Our team was delighted to catch-up with agents who use the portal. If you want to meet with us, look for our stand at the conference this year.

More exposure for real estate agents

We took in feedback from agents and brokers using the portal and continued to develop new tools, launching the Premium Agent Ad to complete the suite of tools that help agents present their properties better.

This opened up another great way for agents to add value to their listings and services, and elegantly boast their property’s features.

In fact, the portal’s massive growth and the high efficiency of some of our ads led to impressive bid wars in some locations for the Top Spot Listing Ad.

The journey continues

All the feedback we receive from buyers, seller and agents alike allows us to continue improving our tools and website to offer a better experience for everyone.

We have a lot of cool updates and features planned for 2019 and we’re looking forward to helping even more people to find their dream home in the years to come.

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