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Ottawa Named 3rd Best City in the World for Quality of Life; Here’s Why

Ottawa Named 3rd Best City in the World for Quality of Life; Here’s Why
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Numbeo’s 2015 Mid-Year Quality of Life Index only confirmed what Canadians already know: that Canada is the best place to live in. Its capital city, Ottawa, ranked #3 in overall quality of life, with 5 other Canadian cities making their way to the top 30.


The main factors that propelled Ottawa to this top spot were purchasing power, safety, property price to income ratio, and low pollution.

Affordable Housing

Ok, Ottawa is not the cheapest place to live in Canada, but compared to cities like Toronto and Vancouver, Ottawa has a relatively low 4.96 property price to income ratio, according to Numbeo.

The city offers housing options for every style, from urban sophistication to pure country charm. Its clean and beautiful downtown is surrounded by cozy neighbourhoods, and –further out — the country side. You can buy a home in Ottawa for an average price of $394,889.

Family Life

Kind, caring, friendly people, high safety index and one of the lowest violent crime rates of all cities in Canada – if these are not enough reasons to raise a family here, then there’s also skating on the canal! The Ottawa Canal is frozen in the winter, producing a Skateway that is seven kilometres long and can be used free of charge.

Young and Fun

Think Ottawa is all “Capital City” boring beige buildings? Think again! With nearly half its population under the age of 35, Ottawa has lots of fun, hip and even quirky activities. Speaking of government buildings, in the summer you can try a free one-hour yoga class on the green lawn on Parliament Hill.

On Saturday nights, try your talent in Chinatown for a no-cover karaoke night. If your tastes are more unusual, watch a Cold War-themed film at the Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum, an underground war bunker from the 60’s.

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  • Avatar Lindy says:

    If you´re part Eskimo it might work.

    • Avatar Lorraine Rock says:

      I am no Inuit, (Eskimo is a racist term, no longer used BTW) Today (September 18th 2015) the temperature is a balmy 29 degrees C, (or about 75 degrees F) last week it was even higher, sunny and humid. Ottawa also has more days of sunshine than Vancouver! January and February are cold, for sure, but then you get to skate to work via the Canal!

  • Avatar Sue says:

    Average price for a house 394,889… I don’t think so. This is 2015!!

    • Avatar Dustin Smith says:

      It’s about right. I live in Barrhaven (in Ottawa) and the house I’m in is worth $279,000 for a single family home and that’s as of 2015. Depends on the part of the city and the homes. Pretty cheaply priced for what you get compared to the GTA.

    • Avatar Lorraine Rock says:

      My home in downtown Ottawa (Holland Avenue) listed for $350,000. My current townhouse is valued at $250,000. Pretty average for the area just S of downtown.

  • Avatar Lorie Boudreau says:

    Moved out of the City of Ottawa. Could not stand the construction at every turn. Taxes at every turn. Heating out sight of our budget. Had to sell our home and move to an apartment as we could no longer survive. The camouflage of not raising taxes, but raising the price of survival was difficult. The Mayor (Jim Watson) a good friend of the Provincial Liberal Premier, Wynne. Need I say more.

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